Love your bones

About 25% of ladies and 6% of males 65 and also over can get brittle bones. Brittle bones is really a condition where your bones become weak and puts you in a and the higher chances for damaged bones. Actually, lots of people have no idea they’ve it until they break a bone. However, you will find things you can do to create your bones more powerful and healthier.

A bone mass measurement will help find out if you’re in danger of damaged bones. This enables you to find methods to strengthen your bones early and stop breaks and fractures. Medicare covers this test free of charge in case your physician accepts assignment.

World Brittle bones Day is October 20 – get this to your day you show your bones some love. Speak to your physician about the best way to keep the bones healthy.

Medicare Open Enrollment: prepared to select a plan?

Medicare Open Enrollment starts today! Selecting an agenda is a vital and private decision. Now’s time to consider what matters for you, and discover the Medicare plan that meets your requirements. Here are a few items to consider:

Will the plan cover the help you’ll need?

Consider what services and benefits you’re prone to use within next season and discover coverage that meets your requirements. For those who have other kinds of health or prescription medication coverage, make certain you know the way that coverage works together with Medicare. And, should you travel a great deal, does your plan cover you when you are abroad?

Regardless of what plan you select, you’ll get these benefits:

Exactly what does the program cost?

The cheapest-cost health plan option may not be the best option for you—consider such things as the price of premiums and deductibles, just how much you have to pay for hospital stays and physician visits, and whether it’s important that you should have expenses balanced all year round.

Would be the plan’s providers and rules convenient?

Your time and effort is efficacious. Where would be the doctors’ offices? What exactly are their hrs? Which pharmacies do you need? Are you able to get prescriptions by mail? Perform the doctors use electronic health records or prescribe digitally?

What plans carry out the best?

Not every healthcare is produced equal, and also the doctors, hospitals and facilities you select can impact your wellbeing. Open Enrollment is another great time to inquire about yourself whether you’re truly pleased with your health care. Search for plans having a 5‑star performance rating—the right expertise and care can produce a difference.

Keep in mind that even when you’re pleased with your present plan, these solutions might vary from year to year—so it’s vital that you take time to compare. The Medicare Plan Finder makes it simple to check plans according to many of these factors, so that you can select a plan that meets your requirements.

With Welltok’s $80M acquisition, it gains use of hospitals

Welltok, an electronic health business that developed some tools to personalize physical fitness goals for health plan people and also the employer wellness market, makes another acquisition, this time around to include hospitals to the subscriber base.

It acquired Tea Leaves Health from Ziff Davis, a subsidiary of j2 Global for $80 million. Their SaaS analytics tools are utilized by greater than 400 hospitals to target consumers and physicians with coordinated engagement campaigns, a news release noted. 

“Similar to how health plans and employers are expanding beyond their traditional look at people and employees, correspondingly, innovative hospital systems will also be extending their focus beyond patients’ instances of care and recognizing the necessity to develop and sustain ongoing relationships,” stated Shaun Margolis, Welltok’s chairman and Chief executive officer within the release.

He added that Welltok and Tea Leaves shared the “same DNA” with how they create SaaS tools to alter how healthcare enterprises use customers to improve health.

Just before Tea Leaves, Welltok had made several acquisitions to aid its CaféWell Health Optimization platform.

Silverlink, a healthcare communications firm, helps health plans interact with older adult people and it has past dealing with Medicare and State medicaid programs populations.

Predilytics, a healthcare data mining and analytics business, was intended to make its population health management technology better quality. Its technology gives Wellok more feedback on user engagement.

Mindbloom, a San antonio-based gaming developer that actually works with insurers to supply happy to guide and motivate their people to consider healthy behaviors. Welltok stated at that time it might add Mindbloom’s mobile health gaming apps to the Café Well platform.

Zamzee, a business that develops programs tailored for children and families to improve their activity levels.

Image: Nicol??s Mero??o, Getty Images

MedCity ENGAGE, October 23-24 in North Park, concentrates on the most recent strategies and innovations to boost patient engagement, care delivery and company wellness. Use code MCNTAG in order to save $50.

Take proper care of your mental health

Depression may be the leading reason for disability on the planet. In america, it impacts 5% of individuals 12 and also over. Individuals with depression can are afflicted by a variety of signs and symptoms, including:

  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Lack of curiosity about activities
  • Alternation in weight
  • Being pretty much active than normal
  • Sleeplessness or sleeping an excessive amount of
  • Feeling tired
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Suicidal ideas

If you are experiencing these signs and symptoms, speak to your physician about obtaining a depression screening. Medicare covers this once each year and also you if you choose in case your physician accepts assignment.

Celebrate World Mental Health Day October 10th – speak to your physician on how to take control of the mental health.

Steer clear of the flu before it starts

Fall is here now, meaning pumpkins, falling leaves, and also the flu! Having your free flu shot is the easiest method to safeguard yourself and family members this year.

Get your flu shot early and remain healthy! Flu infections vary from year upon year, so it’s important to obtain a flu shot each flu season. It’s free for those who have Medicare, once per flu season when it’s prescribed by doctors or any other medical service providers (like senior centers and pharmacies) that take Medicare. Find out more about influenza and find a flu vaccine location near you at

Get the free flu shot today!

Medicare Open Enrollment is originating soon—add it for your fall listing

Similar to the altering leaves, are you aware that the autumn also brings your opportunity to create changes for your Medicare coverage? Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15–December 7. It’s your opportunity to examine your wellbeing care coverage and find out if you want to make any changes for the coming year. Or, you might decide you’re pleased with the program you have already. If that’s the situation, and also the plan continues to be offered the coming year, its not necessary to complete anything.

Within the next couple of several weeks, browse aroundyou’ll learn more regarding your Medicare benefits during these everyday places:

  • Within the mail

Examine your mail carefullyyou might get important notices out of your current plan, Medicare, or Social Security about changes for your coverage or any other Help you might get having to pay for prescription medications.

Also, search for your brand-new “Medicare & You” guide. It’s details about all the Medicare plans in your town.

You’ll also begin to see brochures from firms that offer Medicare health insurance and drug plans. You might choose that a Medicare health plan fits your needs. Keep in mind, be smart about protecting your individual information as well as your identityplans aren’t permitted to or come to your house with no invitation of your stuff.

  • On your pc

Evaluating your plan choices is essential. Our Medicare Plan Finder is prepared with all the 2018 health insurance and drug plan cost information to really make it pretty simple. Go into the drugs you are taking to discover the best way to decrease your costs and evaluate the plan’s ratings to check plan quality. If you discover an agenda that meets your requirements, you can join the program online beginning October 15. Should you haven’t used the program Finder before, take a look at our video to obtain began.

  • In your neighborhood

You might find a nearby eventsomewhere closer than you think, with medical health insurance counselors that will help you, much like your Condition Medical Health Insurance Assistance Program. Don’t miss the opportunity to get personalized help if you want it!

Have you ever become your yearly mammogram?

Over 220,000 women are identified as having cancer of the breast every year, which makes it probably the most common cancers in females. Obtaining a yearly mammogram is the easiest method to find cancer of the breast early.

Mammograms are cancer of the breast screenings that may identify a lump as much as three years before you and your physician can seem to be it. This can help to identify cancer of the breast early, when it’s most treatable. All ladies between 50–74 must have a mammogram every 2 years—and Medicare covers mammograms at no cost if your physician accepts assignment. Speak to your physician concerning the benefits and risks and to plan your next screening.

October is Cancer Of The Breast Awareness month—help fight cancer of the breast and obtain your yearly mammogram!

Go paperless—get your “Medicare & You” digitally!

Are you aware that rather of having a paper copy of the “Medicare & You” guide every fall, you are able to join have it digitally? You’ll not just be enhancing the atmosphere, but you will be saving tax dollars too.

The eHandbook may be the online form of your reliable “Medicare & You” guide and it has the same information as the paper copy. The main difference is the fact that it’s updated all year round so you’ll continually be searching at most up-to-date information. It is also searchable, so that you can discover the important information rapidly and simply.

To enroll in the electronic form of the “Medicare & You” guide, visit and follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your Medicare information.
  2. Make sure you will no longer would like your paper copy of “Medicare & You” and just want the electronic version.
  3. Every year, we’ll email you together with a connect to the brand new online Medicare & You. It’s instant, current, and convenient. You’ll no more obtain a paper copy.

Assist the atmosphere and revel in finding your Medicare information faster. Go paperless today!

Place signs of ovarian cancer

Every year, about 22,000 women within the U.S. get ovarian cancer. It is also the 5th leading reason for cancer dying among U.S. women. Early diagnosis is paramount to survival, and also the answer to early diagnosis is recognizing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal discomfort
  • Trouble eating or feeling full rapidly
  • Emergency or frequency of peeing

Ladies have unique health issues, including certain kinds of cancers and rates of chronic disease. Medicare covers many services to deal with these concerns, just like a yearly “Wellness” visit, bone mass measurement, cervical cancer screenings, mammograms, and cardiovascular screenings. Medicare also covers other preventive services, so speak to your physician about risks and to plan your next screening.

Presently there isn’t any effective screening test for ovarian cancer, also it can be very difficult to identify ovarian cancer early. The twelve signs and signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer aren’t always obvious and might be hard to acknowledge. It’s important to concentrate on the body and know what’s normal for you personally. If you see any changes within your body that continue for 2 days or longer and can be a sign or characteristic of ovarian cancer, speak to your physician and get about possible causes. Signs and symptoms may result from something apart from cancer, but the only method to know is to visit your physician, nurse, or any other doctor.

Make certain to inquire about your physician about your height of risk for ovarian cancer at the “Welcome to Medicare” visit or perhaps your next yearly “Wellness” visit.

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, an ideal time to find out more about this ailment and be aware of signs and symptoms. Go to the Cdc for additional info on ovarian cancer.

Safeguard your Medicare by protecting your Medicare number

Are you currently a good deal hunter? Always searching to find the best deal or ready for the following best factor? If a person offered a condition-of-the-art joint disease package and stated Medicare would pay for it, will you be interested? There are numerous benefits that include aging, and discounts are among them. But discounts and deals that seem too good to be real is one method in which fraudsters may attempt to steal your identity.

If somebody steals or unlawfully uses private information much like your Ssn or perhaps your Medicare number, it’s known as id theft. The amount of id theft victims age 65 or older elevated from 2.a million this year to two.six million in 2014. Actually, thieves think about your Medicare number along with other protected health information worth more than charge card information because individuals can reuse these to bill Medicare for services that you simply didn’t get. When individuals steal your identity and bill Medicare for products or services you didn’t get, it drives up costs for everybody.

At Medicare, we’re fighting healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse every single day. A fundamental part of that’s stopping id theft. At this time, your Medicare number is dependant on a Social Security number—yours or another person’s. Beginning in April 2018, we’re replacing the Social Security-based Medicare number with a brand new Medicare number, and can mail a new Medicare card together with your new number. It’s not necessary to complete anything to obtain your new card and new number. And we’ll NEVER phone you and request private information to get your brand-new card.

Remember, the foremost and best type of defense against fraud is you. You can assist fight Medicare fraud by 50 percent easy steps:

  • Safeguard your Medicare number—treat it as if you treat your charge card number.
  • Look at your Medicare statement for errors, like equipment or services you won’t ever got.

Find out more about the best way to fight Medicare fraud. And learn how to place, report, and prevent fraud, and safeguard yourself from id theft with the aid of the Senior Medicare Patrol.