TetraGraph Monitors Neuromuscular Blocks to assist Ensure Safety During Surgery

Senzime, a business based in Uppsala, Norway, won European CE Mark approval because of its TetraGraph device that’s indicated like a tool that enables anesthesiologists to watch patients that received neuromuscular blockers during surgery. The unit electrically stimulates a peripheral ulnar nerve around the hands and detects the way the related muscles are reacting electrically (electromyography, also known as EMG).

The TetraGraph requires no calibration, takes under thirty seconds as well up and setup, and uses disposable sensors to avoid bugs from jumping between patients. The arm can remain underneath the surgical drape as no accessibility thumb is essential and also, since it’s powered by batteries, it may be placed almost anyplace.

Here’s a brief promo animation for that TetraGraph

Product page: TetraGraph…

Via: Senzime…


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[email protected] picks 32 for digital health cohort

Boston skyline across the Harborwalk

Building around the strong reaction to its inaugural digital health cohort this season, [email protected] expanded on the party’s theme of champions for example hospitals, insurance, technology and pharma companies picking the startups they would like to use. The 2018 cohort will pair two champions with each one of the 32 startups selected for that six-month program.

The Heart Beat program is tailored for later stage firms that will be ready to scale, have elevated a maximum of $5 million, and generate under $5 million in revenue. The aim of this program would be to connect selected startups with proper relationships, sources, mentoring, and community access required to create an effect in digital health. Like an increasing number of accelerator programs, [email protected] takes no equity in the companies.

Even though it would appear such as the priorities of say, a pharma company along with a hospital would differ, Nick Dougherty, the program director for PULSE, stated in a phone interview the champions did a great job to find partners with shared goals.

Although Boston Children’s and Cerner were the only real partners he known as out by name, other types of partners using a startup incorporated a pharma company along with a provider, along with a payer having a provider.

“What you receive is really a clinically valuable technology that can also be highly implementable,” Dougherty stated.

He noted that certain partnership he was particularly happy with could be that the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Matters works using the state’s eHealth Initiative, which oversees digital health initiative. Another was AARP and Campbell’s Soup.

There’s been lots of curiosity about developing technology to aid the power for seniors to reside individually for extended from getting a means to see relatives caregivers to remotely monitor them, medication adherence and nerve assessments to recognize cognitive function changes earlier.

The incoming class has more geographic diversity — only 15 startups participating come from Massachusetts in contrast to 21 this past year.  Listed here are the people from the cohort

Astarte Medical Partners, that was a finalist within the Impact Pediatric Health competition at SXSW this season, created a clinical decision support tool for Neonatal care physicians. The merchandise gives an introduction to clinical data instantly to evaluate the condition of the preterm infant’s gut health. The organization relies in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Epharmix in St. Louis created a platform that mixes triage with patient outreach to follow along with-up through automated telephone calls and emails using the sickest 20 % from the patient population through disease-specific interventions. The organization has gotten investment from Health X Ventures and cofounder and Chief Financial/Operations officer JoeMcDonald highlighted the difficulties of applying population health technology in an article for that MedCitizen portion of MedCity News this past year.

Epion Health in Nj continues to be in this area for some time,  The practice management support business targets increasing the check-in process for doctor’s offices. Its tablet interface helps practices get patients’ health background, medication information. It may also help practices with collections by getting patients review their insurance plan, co-pay and outstanding balance information. Relevant data joined by patients could be integrated having a patient’s electronic health record.

Take a look at all of those other cohort people below:



BOLD Medical Partners

Day Zero Diagnostics


New You are able to

DynamiCare Health

Edification Project

Epidemic Solutions


Folia Health, Corporation.


New You are able to





Moving Analytics

Multisensor Diagnostics



New You are able to

Pillo Health



New You are able to


TORq Interface


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Koch Disruptive Technologies to guide $150m investment of INSIGHTEC

Printed 15 December 2017

Koch Disruptive Technologies, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, may be the lead investor inside a $150 million Series E funding round for INSIGHTEC, an industrial-stage medical device company revolutionizing surgery with MRI-led focused ultrasound.

An investment, announced Thursday, allows the organization to help commercialize its approved indications, in addition to continue research in areas for example Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and brain tumors, while using company’s breakthrough technology to provide treatment inside a non-invasive way.

 It can also be the very first investment for Koch Disruptive Technologies because the business group, brought by KDT President Chase Koch, commenced operations in November.

“This investment aligns well using the founding concepts of both Koch Disruptive Technologies and Koch Industries,” stated Koch. “Having a history of driving innovation and improving patient outcomes, INSIGHTEC has itself invested and expanded its abilities to succeed surgical medicine to enhance the and excellence of existence of countless patients.”

“Hospitals all over the world are more and more going after incisionless treatments for his or her patients using our focused ultrasound therapy,” stated Maurice R. Ferré, MD, INSIGHTEC’s Chief executive officer and Chairman from the Board, that has brought multiple transformative medical technology companies throughout his career. “This investment round elevates INSIGHTEC right into a new proper position inside the healthcare industry.”

INSIGHTEC’s Exablate Neuro may be the first focused ultrasound device authorized by the Food and drug administration to deal with essential tremor which has not taken care of immediately medication and lately received the very best Medical Technology award by Prix Galien.

The organization surpassed the fir,000th patient milestone captured, essential tremor people are routinely receiving treatment with focused ultrasound at 40 medical facilities all over the world.

Using more than 20,000 procedures for a variety of clinical applications already performed using its technology, this investment allows INSIGHTEC they are driving further purposes of MR-led ultrasound to deal with Parkinson’s disease, cancer of the prostate, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Clinical research using the company’s technologies have already effectively disrupted the bloodstream-brain barrier, which holds the opportunity of targeted drug delivery to deal with Alzheimer’s and brain tumors.

“Transformative ideas know no borders and may originate from anybody, anywhere,” stated Steve Feilmeier, Executive President and CFO, Koch Industries, Corporation. “We’re well-positioned to harness these breakthroughs happening around the world and also to also support generation x of promising entrepreneurs.”

Jefferies LLC, the worldwide investment banking firm, advised INSIGHTEC for that investment round. Existing investors in INSIGHTEC include Elbit Imaging, You are able to Capital, Focus Holdings, GE Healthcare, GEOC, and Meditech Advisors. INSIGHTEC is headquartered in Haifa, Israel, and Miami, with offices in Dallas, Tokyo, japan and Shanghai.

Source: Company Pr Release

Magnetically Led Bacteria Move With confidence Within Strong Currents, May Soon Deliver Drugs Inside Body

Researchers at Queen’s College in Canada have were able to get a special kind of bacteria to go swimming against a powerful current, opening the potential of while using microorganisms as drug delivery vehicles. They is using magnetotactic bacteria which have magnetic crystals within them not to mention orient themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field. By establishing the exterior magnetic field, they could coax the bacteria to maneuver in foreseeable ways and directions.

Typically, magnetotactic bacteria are uncovered towards the Earth’s magnetic field and natural currents inside the physiques water they inhabit. The Queen’s College team uncovered the bacteria to stronger magnetic fields and more powerful currents to find out if they’d manage swimming correctly under drastically different conditions.

Within their experiments, they observed the bacteria swimming across rapidly moving currents, even if your magnet was gone to live in be oriented verticle with respect towards the liquid’s flow, a rather abnormal occurrence.

Getting proven the magnetotactic bacteria can travel through difficult environments much like individuals based in the body, they now intend on focusing on attaching different drug compounds towards the bacteria. If everything goes as wished, we might soon visit a new treatment model by which countless drug-laden bacteria are injected adopted through the patient standing in the magnetic atmosphere that suggests the bacteria where you can flow toward a preferred target.

Study in journal Small: Magnetotaxis Enables Magnetotactic Bacteria to Navigate in Flow…

Via: Queen’s University…


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Inaugural FestX Awards Recognition Festival Industry’s Best at XLIVE 2017

Vegas, 12 ,. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As the festival industry’s most prolific players convened in Vegas now for that annual XLIVE Conference, their occasions vied for that first annual FestX Awards presented by Everfest and XLIVE. The ceremony, located by festival guru Nick Conley, required place in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Tuesday, December 12, highlighting the very best established or more-and-coming worldwide festivals.

In 13 different groups, 57 festival finalists were selected following a monthlong public online submission period. From film to food to rock festivals, the finalists spanned virtually every size, vibe and genre. Greater than 120 global festival industry insiders posted records for consideration, and also the final nominees were truly global. Finalists hailed from four continents and 13 countries including Mexico, holland, Canada, Romania, Belgium, Italia, Uk, Germany, Thailand, Japan, Panama And Nicaragua ,, Finland, and all sorts of over the U . s . States.

Winners were voted on with a panel of 14 skillfully developed, a mixture of festival producers, journalists, agents along with other festival industry players from SXSW, C3 Presents, CAA, WME, Billboard, New Bands Association,  The Fan’s Choice Award was awarded to Vive Latino, who received greater than six 1000 votes from festival fans on Everfest’s community platform.

And also the winners are…



Best Beer/Wine Festival


Best Brand + Festival Pairing

 Panorama Music Festival + HP, “HP Lab”

Best Family-Friendly Festival

 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Best Fan Community

 Electric Forest, “ForestFam”

Best Esports Festival


Best Food Festival

 Taste of Chicago

Best Utilization of Technology in a Festival

 Coachella + Obscura Digital, “Antarctic Dome”

Outstanding Eco-friendly Event

 DGTL, “Revolution”

Best New Festival

 Lost Lake Festival

Fan’s Choice Award

 Vive Latino

Best Production Design

 Electric Forest

Outstanding Social Impact


Best Relationship with Fans

 Firefly Music Festival

The entire listing of nominees and idol judges can be obtained here.

Waco Hoover of XLIVE and Jay Manickam of Everfest are for sale to further comment upon request.

XLIVE is transforming the way in which live occasions share expertise, learn and transform experience. XLIVE convenes industry leaders in the intersection of music, sports, film, culinary, beverage, eSports, technology, brands and also the encounters that culminate at festivals and live occasions. Driven with a thirst to supply unique, memorable and existence altering encounters, the live entertainment industry represents an engaged and influential community valued over $100 billion.

About Everfest
Everfest may be the world’s festival authority. Since the entire festival stack, we gather festival organizers, fans, vendors, artists and sponsors onto one platform to boost relationships and encounters over the ecosystem.
world wide web.everfest.com Media Package

Cision View original content:http://world wide web.prnewswire.com/news-releases/inaugural-festx-awards-recognition-festival-industrys-best-at-xlive-2017-300571706.html


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Philips IQon Elite Spectral CT Scanner with Unique Dual Energy Detector

Philips has launched a completely new true spectral CT scanner, the IQon Elite Spectral CT. Spectral CT supplies a more nuanced take a look at body tissues, which reveals some good info concerning the composition of anatomy and not just its structure. The various frequencies of X-sun rays inside a spectral CT could be when compared with different colors of sunshine, that are created by different frequencies of visible radiation. Inside a spectral CT, such things as iodine go to lower powers, as the visual impact of metal could be reduced when viewing the greater energy data.

The brand new device, coded in a partnership with radiologists at Hadassah Hebrew College Clinic in Jerusalem, Israel, has a dual energy “NanoPanel” prism detector by having an efficient yttrium-based scintillator. We’ve got the technology has the capacity to separate the various energy X-sun rays released concurrently with a single tube source. This enables for concurrent generation of conventional and spectral CT images which are perfectly aligned with one another. To compare, other spectral CTs alternate emitting X-sun rays at different powers, that also leads to getting to select of whether or not to use conventional or spectral prior to starting a test.

Using the IQon Elite Spectral CT, every scan is both a spectral and traditional scan and also the imaging from both can be obtained following a test. Forget about radiation can be used compared to a standard comparable scan and also the workflow doesn’t change either, making the development of we’ve got the technology easy around the staff.

Publish exam software enables radiologists to evaluate the traditional CT images after which, as necessary, to slip through different levels of energy, from 40 to 200 keV, to see exactly the same anatomy inside a “different light”. In addition, there’s a “magic glass” feature that enables the radiologist to maneuver a button across an area so the degree of energy round the mouse reaches one number while everything around it’s at another, assisting to place details that could well be missed.

Here’s a relevant video from Philips explaining how its spectral CT technology works:

Here’s a hyperlink to Philips’ spectral CT info page…

More from Philips…

Interview with Marten Cruz of Microchip Technology Corporation.’s Medical Products Group

Microchip Technology Corporation. is really a provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, and analog semiconductors that can offer low-risk product at lower total system costs along with a faster time for you to marketplace for a large number of diverse applications. Individuals within the electrical engineering world are extremely acquainted with their PIC microcontrollers, digital signal controllers, along with other microprocessors. However, within the medtech prototyping world, understanding that Microchip includes a special group focused on medical solutions might be less frequent.

Microchip cultivates a top-notch number of Medical Design Partner Specialists, featuring its engineering companies all over the world that offer product and style services to Microchip customers. A number of these design partners are Food and drug administration registered and licensed in quality management standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, common certifications which are needed for delivery of medical devices to make sure that their safety for their intended purpose, were correctly manufactured, which hardware and software designs for medical devices stick to strict rules.

Medgadget had an opportunity to meet up with some people from the Microchip Medical Products Group following the annual Microchip MASTERs conference, coupled with an chance to interview Marten Cruz, the company Development Manager from the Medical Products Group.

Alice Ferng, Medgadget: Just when was the Medical Products Group team put together and why?

Marten Cruz, Microchip Technology Corporation.: The Medical Products Group was initially put together in 2006 to pay attention to the requirements of medical clients. Microchip is well-recognized for their good support, so we wanted to provide great customer care to medical customers making Food and drug administration Class 1, 2, and three devices, so we’ve been carrying this out for 11 years. A part of achieving the aim of covering all of the bases with customers is creating reference designs. These designs help people thinking about making medical devices to obtain began and to have their designs to promote considerably faster. The overall idea of these reference designs would be that the customers can download the schematics, the code and also the application notes. We lend these demos to the sales pressure and also to select distributors to ensure that customers can make use of the demos for his or her initial prototype designs.

Medgadget: How were the particular reference design demos you presently have were selected to become developed? Exist fields of drugs you’re creating demos for or are intending to target? Are you able to also outline a number of Microchip’s choices associated with these applications?

Mr. Cruz: We target medical customers of any size and also have been very effective within the medical device market. The greatest regions of demand and want are areas for example remote patient monitoring and drug delivery, which we’re feeling play perfectly into our current demos. These demos show applications that measure vital signs, deliver  medication or result in the medical device an IoT device. This assists you to connect the medical device to some smartphone and finally up to and including cloud server.

Healthcare is presently trending, having a growing focus on homecare and personalized medicine, along with the transition of consumer fitness to medical markets. Security therefore is another major problem. Microchip supplies security devices, offers advanced medical device level security and authentication solutions because well. Using the growing interest in devices that meet extreme low power needs, Microchip offers eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) technology PIC® microcontrollers. Furthermore, we provide innovative, safe, and user-friendly low-power touch and input sensing solutions for example products for touch, sliders, closeness, haptics, 3D tracking, and gesture control.

Medgadget: Are you able to give a few examples of medical applications Microchip has labored on in the last decade?

Mr. Cruz: A fast list includes implanted devices (e.g., cardioverter defibrillators, pacemakers, cardiac monitors, gastric bands, neural stimulators), home-use devices (e.g., activity monitors, bloodstream glucose meters, oxygen concentrators, pregnancy testers,  iontophoresis drug delivery, CPAP, cholesterol testers, digital thermometers), portable devices (e.g., electrocardiograph systems, ambulatory EKG recorders, sphygmomanometers, insulin pumps, muscle stimulators, assistive hearing devices, ambulatory electromyographs), along with other devices (e.g., oxygen sensors, automated cell counters, hospital inventory control interfaces, Ultra violet polymerization activators, hospital bed control, operating room tables, light-based surgical instrumentation, endoscopes, dialysis systems).

Medgadget: How competitive is Microchip along with other semiconductor companies within the medical space?

Mr. Cruz: Microchip is among the couple of semiconductor companies that has ongoing to provide focused support for medical clients in excess of 10 years. We provide both commercial and tech support team to medical clients. Furthermore, we stock parts for Food and drug administration Class 3 and EU Class 3 & 4 medical devices. Many people don’t want to find yourself in offering semiconductor parts to those customers, so you want to continue supporting these customers since there exists a lengthy history of doing this already.

Related: The Microchip Medical Products Group very well be at CES 2018 in Vegas the following month. Their booth is going to be found at South Hall 2, #MP 26070. Since conferences are usually by appointment, if you’re interested, you are able to achieve to [email protected] to setup a gathering.

Here’s a relevant video of the example device Microchip offers:

Link: Microchip’s Medical and Fitness Applications Design Center…

Physician.com M&An offer number two provides it with provider directory

Physician.com, a health care provider practice management startup, makes its second M&An offer in 2 years. Its cope with Connect Health will consolidate the companies and merge them under Physician.com’s brand, based on a business news release.  The merger was funded by several investors including Spring Mountain Capital, StartUp Health insurance and Colle Capital, even though the the transaction were not disclosed.

Connect Healthcare stores the information of just one.two million providers and it has 7.5 million unique users. Its hospital partners include UNC Healthcare, UC North Park Health, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Hurry College Medical Center, UAB Medicine and Emory College.

Andrei Zimiles, Chief executive officer of Physician.com, described within an email the entire Connect Healthcare team (roughly 30 individuals the Atlanta area, all whom concentrate on supporting hospitals and health systems), their clientele of 150 hospitals and health systems, and all sorts of company technology and assets grew to become a part of Physician.com using the deal.

“Connect Healthcare has for a long time had the ‘system of record’ for hospital provider directories. Our solutions align with this particular incredibly mainly because exactly the same data and workflows accustomed to make provider data actionable to be used on the hospital’s own website could be sent through our syndication platform to the partner network which includes Google, Yelp, Bing, Healthgrades, Vitals, YP.com, Wellness.com, yet others. Additionally, the universal online scheduling solution we launched captured has already been integrated using the Connect Doctor directory platform to allow hospitals to show on online scheduling by themselves sites.”

Included in the deal, Noel Coleman, Connect Healthcare president, will join Physician.com as president of Enterprise Solutions, based on a news release. Connect Healthcare’s team works with Physician.com’s enterprise sales and product team. The Enterprise team continuously operate from their headquarters in Atlanta, GA and is anticipated to develop substantially within the several weeks ahead.

This past year, Doctor.com acquired ReferBright, which develops software to assist physicians improve referrals partly by improving their visibility online to draw in more patients for their practices.

Photo: mediaphotos, Getty Images

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US House provides extend suspension of medical device excise tax

MDBR Staff Author Printed 13 December 2017

The United States House of Representatives Erik Paulsen and Jackie Walorski have introduced H.R. 4716, a brand new legislation that will suspend the medical device tax for 5 years.

The legislation suspends until December 2022 the task and innovation destroying 2.3% medical device excise tax enforced on medical device companies originally set up as area of the Affordable Care Act.

In 2015, a bipartisan coalition in the home and Senate came together to approve a 2-year suspension from the tax, which is due to expire in the finish of the year.

Based on Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the 5-year suspension will give you medical technology innovators with full confidence this tax won’t return into effect.

AdvaMed also claimed that medtech companies can reinvest millions throughout the current suspension, which enables to produce new jobs, capital enhancements and R&D with the development of next-gen technologies for patients.

AdvaMed President and Chief executive officer Scott Whitaker stated: “We are dedicated to ongoing this reinvestment in innovation when the tax is suspended on the lengthy-term basis moving forward.”

“However, basically we applaud this suggested five-year suspension, it’s a merely a foundation the best goal to completely repeal the medical device tax and release the entire commitment of job growth and medical innovation for American patients.”

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) executive director Patrick Hope stated: “Allowing the unit tax to restart in 2018, even temporarily, would add up to a tax hike around the industry and could cause job loss in addition to disruptions towards the medical imaging industry’s capability to innovate.

“Ultimately, hopefully that Congress will work toward full repeal from the medical device tax to guard high-having to pay, high-quality industry jobs and be sure that patients have the latest medical imaging technology.”

Image: The United States House of Representatives extended the suspension on medical device tax. Photo: thanks to anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.internet.

Boston Scientific’s Vercise Neurostimulation System Approved for Parkinson’s in U.S.

Boston Scientific won Food and drug administration approval because of its Vercise Deep Brain Stimulation System to treat Parkinson’s. The implantable stimulator could be programmed in a number of methods to target different parts of the subthalamic nucleus. This might help to lessen the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s by delivering therapy within an optimal method for each patient.

The implant is rechargeable and may last for greater than fifteen years. Each one of the eight electrodes around the leads could be controlled individually. The electrodes get in touch with brain tissue along a 15.5 millimeter length, meaning they’re separated by only .5 millimeters.

We’ve got the technology was already obtainable in Europe during the last 5 years.

Here’s some good info around the trials that brought towards the approval, based on Boston Scientific:

Your application took it’s origin from the Smart study, the very first multi-center, prospective, double-blind, randomized sham-controlled study of DBS for PD within the U.S. The Smart study evaluated the security from the system in 292 patients at 23 sites as well as evaluated its usefulness. It effectively met its primary endpoint of mean alternation in waking hrs with higher symptom control (n=160). Data in the Smart study is anticipated to be sold in 2018. The filing seemed to be based on safety data in the European multi-center, prospective, single-arm VANTAGE study. Within the VANTAGE study, 40 patients given the Vercise DBS System shown a 63 percent improvement in motor function at 52 days from baseline as measured through the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale III, in addition to enhancements in quality of existence and medicine usage.

Flashbacks: Vercise Gevia Deep Brain Stimulation System with Visual Brain Targeting Software Removed in Europe… Boston Scientific’s Vercise Deep Brain Stimulator Will get Expanded Indication in Europe for Dystonia… Vercise Deep Brain Neurostimulator EU Approved for Tremor (VIDEO)… Boston Sci’s Vercise DBS for Parkinson’s Removed in EU…

Via: Boston Scientific…


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