Medgadget Visits Mediterranean in Ireland to look at Europe’s Medtech Hub

Ireland used to be an undesirable country. Agriculture was its primary output and Guinness its ambassador around the world. Everything has drastically altered within the last handful of decades, so much in fact that Ireland has become the quickest growing economy in Europe and among the hottest places for medical technology companies to work.

An emphasis on education, a good tax atmosphere, diligent people, along with a culture that prizes success have switched the Irish from sheep herders to technology innovators. Obviously Ireland still takes care of a substantial amount of farming and beer brewing, it does electronics manufacturing, technology talking to, so that as anybody within the medtech industry knows, it’s now among the world’s primary hubs of designing and building advanced medical devices. So far as figures go, Ireland hosts 250 medical technology companies, including 13 from the 15 world’s largest. They employ greater than 38,000 people, which makes it Europe’s greatest per/capita concentration, as well as in 2015 the sphere spent over €205 million ($240 million ) on development and research in Ireland.

Around the invitation and cent of Enterprise Ireland, a government organization accountable for the development of Irish business abroad, Medgadget visited Mediterranean in Ireland, a celebration held in the Royal Dublin Society. It is really an annual event which brings together medical companies and institutions from around the globe to network, partner, and explore business options with Irish firms innovating and offering services within the medtech sector.

Though merely a day lengthy, Mediterranean in Ireland is made to get differing people to possess quick, to-the-point conferences that cause purchases, partnerships, and business deals. The big event began served by opening remarks with a couple of noted loudspeakers, including Pat Breen, Minister of Condition for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and knowledge Protection, adopted with a short on-stage discussion, all taking on around an hour. The Clinical Innovation Award 2018, a partnership between Enterprise Ireland and Cleveland Clinic, which aims to assist clinicians turn their ideas into healthcare solutions, seemed to be announced.

Following, everybody was asked to go to the dozens booths of firms that design, build, and consult for other medtech firms, browse the “Innovation Showcase” profiling interesting Irish companies, and more importantly take part in greater than 1,000 one-to-one conferences locked in a classic horse stable that belongs to the Royal Dublin Society.

Dads and moms following a conferences, most of the attendees go to the headquarters and manufacturing sites from the companies they are attempting to establish ties with. They get facility tours, talk with engineers and executives, and when everything goes well, put signatures in writing.

Being merely a day lengthy enables for follow-up on-site visits by investors, manufacturing leads, yet others which are thinking about investing and dealing with Irish companies. Within our experience, this can be a unique structure to have an event of the type, so we were surprised at the quantity of activity which was happening during Mediterranean in Ireland and dads and moms that adopted.

We required a vacation to Galway to go to BioInnovate Ireland, an instructional program that trains established professionals to recognize current clinical limitations and also to invent on their behalf commercially achievable solutions, which we’ll be covering within the future. Driving west across the nation from Dublin gives the look of the vastness interspersed with small villages and towns. Rock walls attaching herds of sheep and cows are apparently everywhere, but in this particular landscape you can come across a clinical device firm, because they have spread across the nation to benefit from an informed populace that’s prepared to strive, innovate, and succeed.

For example, on the visit to Galway, we had a clinical device manufacturing firm tucked between ancient rock walls and just steps in the rugged Irish western coast. A bed and breakfast and 2 dozen sheep could be expected somewhere like this, however this firm was thriving wherever it had been. Obviously you will find industry parks too, with names like Boston Scientific, Stryker, and Medtronic, that is now headquartered in Ireland, getting engineering and manufacturing facilities that people went by.

We met having a couple of from the firms at Mediterranean in Ireland which have developed unique and novel medical products, so that as noted above, visited Bioinnovate Ireland. Within the future we’ll be presenting you to definitely a few of these firms and also to the exciting method of condition solving being carried out at BioInnovate Ireland.

Meanwhile, here’s an adorable promo video from Enterprise Ireland summing up the benefits of conducting business in Ireland:

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Please be aware: Enterprise Ireland, a company from the Irish government promoting business in the united states, backed the travel and accommodations with this report.

Abderma, a higher Absorbency and Retention Material for Wound Applications

On the trip to Mediterranean in Ireland medtech industry event, we’d an opportunity to take a look at some awesome indigenous materials engineering which goes on in Ireland to profit medtech. Particularly, ATD emolda, a business based outdoors of Dublin, was revealing its Abderma foam, an item created for wound management applications.

Abderma, a biocompatible material, combines numerous characteristics making it work nicely on wounds, including having the ability to absorb lots of liquid material rapidly and also to retain it within itself. Getting attempted it between our very own fingers, the fabric is extremely pleasantly soft and powerful. It bends well, assisting to enhance the contact area and absorb just as much liquid as you possibly can.

The Abderma could be layered along with other materials, for example breathable films, also it can be sterilized without losing its qualities. Additionally, it comes in about any thickness or size that’s preferred.

Here’s some data that ATD emolda compiled to demonstrate its Abderma material:

The absorbency was resolute while using standard method BS EN 13726-1:2002, Test means of primary wound dressings – Part 1: Facets of absorbency. In conclusion a 5 x 5 cm foam sample was considered and put into a surplus saline solution (Test Solution A*) to simulate an injury atmosphere, for half an hour at 37°C. The sample ended up being suspended vertically by a corner of the dressing for thirty seconds and reweighed. The fluid retention was measured while using saturated 5 x 5 cm foam sample. The sample was exposed to some 6 kg weight since the total surface part of the dressing for thirty seconds. The load was removed and also the sample reweighed. Abderma foam routinely maintains more than 90% from the absorbed liquid. This exceptional fluid handling property differentiates the Abderma foam using their company foams presently available.

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Please be aware: Enterprise Ireland, a company from the Irish government promoting business in the united states, backed the travel and accommodations with this report.

Hollister begins construction on new manufacturing facility in Lithuania

Printed 08 November 2017

Hollister Incorporated, a worldwide medical device manufacturer, held a groundbreaking ceremony signifying the beginning of construction on the manufacturing facility within the Kaunas FEZ (Free Economic Zone) region of Lithuania.

The multi-stage project represents a business investment well over $58 million (€50 million) and it is likely to create greater than 300 jobs within the next many years. Upon opening in mid-2019, the brand new plant will produce ostomy-maintenance systems with intends to expand production to incorporate continence-maintenance systems.  

The groundbreaking ceremony and reception were attended by: Hollister Incorporated President and Chief executive officer George Maliekel Senior VP of Research & Development and Global Operations James Humphries VP Human Sources Suzanne Erickson VP and CFO Take advantage of Keeley VP of worldwide Operations Brendan Sugrue and Senior Director Global Manufacturing William Ciehanski.  

“Our decision to purchase this major expansion project in Lithuania is made after very thoughtful consideration,” stated Hollister Incorporated President and Ceo George Maliekel. “This is really a key proper initiative for that ongoing development of our organization as well as for our customers all over the world who rely on medical products from the greatest quality. I wish to personally thank our partners within Lithuania who’ve helped us to organize and get ready for this special day.” 

Representing the Kaunas FEZ in the groundbreaking ceremony were Kaunas City Mayor Visvaldas Matijosaitis, and Director General of Invest Lithuania Mantas Katinas, along with other partners. Based on Mr. Katinas, “Hollister Incorporated selected the united states, region and city not just for that ideal geographical factors and investment atmosphere, but in addition for the strong skills and values in our local workforce.“  

“Very at the start of the website buying process, we recognized the Kaunas region of Lithuania offered a perfect European location, an inviting business atmosphere, strong community support, as well as an ideal mixture of infrastructure and talent to satisfy our manufacturing needs,” Mr. Maliekel mentioned. 
“Our new manufacturing facility within Kaunas won’t allow us to to satisfy the growing requirements of our customers – particularly our customers in Europe – but probably allow us to to satisfy the worldwide healthcare challenges from the twenty-first century.” 

The abilities and talent from the local population were critical components in deciding to construct the brand new facility in Lithuania. The cultural ‘fit’ between your company’s culture and also the people through the region were also very important. Educational possibilities were a substantial factor too. That’s the reason Hollister Incorporated is dedicated to working carefully with local educational facilities, such as the Kaunas College of Technology and also the Lithuanian College of Health Sciences, in addition to institutions across the nation to assist enhance programs in research, engineering and technology to build up exceptional graduates and additional strengthen the neighborhood talent market.

The organization has hired a couple of engineers from Lithuania who’ll begin their work at its Ballina, Ireland plant. They’ll go back to the Kaunas plant following the first phase of construction is finished in 2019. 

Source: Company Pr Release

Luxcel Biosciences Limited Announces World First Physiologically Relevant, In Vitro Ischemia-Reperfusion Model along with BMG LABTECH and Ncardia

CORK, Ireland, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injuries, occurs in your body when bloodstream supply returns to tissues over time of oxygen and nutrient deprivation. It’s an important feature of countless illnesses including cardiac event, stroke and cancer, and it is a vital consideration during transplantation. While significant advances happen to be produced in understanding IR injuries, progress continues to be impaired by i. the lack of a means to precisely and reproducibly replicate injuries conditions in vitro, and ii. tools haven’t been open to quantitatively measure real-time cellular oxygenation within the ischemic cells.

These barriers to higher understanding and treating IR injuries have finally been overcome, using the ground-breaking growth and development of the very first microplate-based in vitro Ischemia-Reperfusion Model. This advance is thanks to mixing three new technologies: i. BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOstar® microtitre plate readers, with Atmoshpheric Control Unit (ACU) and rapid gas ramping function, ii. Luxcel Biosciences’ unique MitoXpress® Intra – Intracellular Oxygen Concentration Assay, allowing real-time quantitation of cellular oxygenation, and iii. Ncardia’s iPSC-derived human Cor.4U® cardiomyocyte cells. This effective new in vitro model will enable researchers and drug discovery scientists to higher replicate and comprehend the biology of IR injuries facilitating the introduction of more efficient therapeutic interventions.

“We’re really looking forward to this new tool for that ischemia reperfusion field, thanks to our lately reported MetaCell-TM collaboration, based on the EU H2020 steps for success to innovation initiative.  The CLARIOstar® has integrated software for that MitoXpress® Intra assay, allowing scientists to consistently and precisely evaluate the oxygen concentration inside the cells because they experience rapid de-and re-oxygenation, and find out this happening in tangible-time.  We feel this model can revolutionise the approach researchers in cell biology and drug safety toxicity may take to judge ischemic reperfusion and also to lessen the dependency for in vivo animal models,” Dr. Ian Hayes, Commercial Director Luxcel Biosciences Limited.  

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About Luxcel Biosciences Limited

Luxcel Biosciences Limited began in 2002 in Co. Cork, Ireland, and it is a multi-top rated provider of economical and simple to use real-time kinetic fluorescence-based in vitro live-cell test kits, targeting Cell Metabolic process, Drug Safety and Toxicity, and Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress applications.  Our customers vary from College research scientists, to global Pharmaceutical Companies and Contract Research Organisations.  Pfizer Corporation., among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, is really a key collaborator in the area of drug safety and mitochondrial toxicity screening. Several joint research publications in high-impact journals have resulted out of this effective collaboration.

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BMG LABTECH is the main thing on technology offering high-quality and reliable microplate readers for existence sciences applications and-throughput screening. The organization is on the steady span of growth because of continuous growth and development of great technologies in the last twenty five years.  BMG LABTECH provides a worldwide sales and support, with offices within the USA, United kingdom, Australia, Japan and France.  Greater than 50 distributors provide additional product, technical and software support around the globe.

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About Ncardia
Ncardia is really a stem cell drug discovery & development company operating worldwide with facilities and offices in Belgium, Holland, Germany and also the USA. The organization is independently held and established following a merger of Pluriomics and Axiogenesis. The Ncardia goal will be the supportive and reliable partner for scientists operating within the hiPSC drug discovery and development space including cardiovascular and neural safety and effectiveness studies.

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About MetaCell

The MetaCell-TM project H2020 FTI €2.5m funding enables the consortium of Luxcel Biosciences Limited, Axiogenesis AG (now Ncardia world wide and BMG LABTECH GmbH to build up a physiologically relevant cell-based assay platform for metabolic process in preclinical drug discovery and development, allowing the Defacto Standard, inside a laboratory in vitro setting. This project is based on two highly respected research institutions, Oxford College, United kingdom and Imperial College London, United kingdom.

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Flexible Supercapacitors Aspire to Replace Batteries in Medical Implants

Most of the limitations of existing electronic medical implants, for example pacemakers and defibrillators, arise in the internal batteries. The batteries are rigir, requiring the implants to possess a strong metal structure which makes them bulky. At Queen’s College Belfast in Northern Ireland scientific study has been focusing on developing supercapacitors that may store a lot of electric charge while being flexible and biocompatible with the body.

Their latest prototype supercapacitor consists of a natural polymer-biopolymer materials and non-flammable electrolytes, which makes it safe for implantation. It consists of easily sourced natural materials that ensure it is manufactured at reasonable prices. Since there isn’t any anxiety about dripping in the device, there isn’t any require a tough situation to surround it.

Additionally to being relevant for implants, exactly the same supercapacitor technology might be helpful for body-worn electronics that comply with natural curves in our skin.

From the study in journal Energy Technology:

The flexible performing polymer–biopolymer composite-based devices produced by Marta Lorenzo and Dr Geetha Srinivasan at Queen’s College Ionic Liquid Laboratories, Belfast, by exploiting the multifunctional role of ionic fluids led to ultrathin flexible supercapacitors with excellent cycle lives well over 15000 cycles with nearly 100 % efficiency along with a specific capacitance of roughly 5 mF g−1, which will activate biosensors.

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More from Queen’s College Belfast…


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2 contrasting medtech approaches to cope with chronic discomfort and steer clear of opioids

Because the nation battles the opioid crisis, medtech information mill counting on versions of the technology they hope creates a real dent in how chronic discomfort is treated and managed: neurostimulation.

On Monday, Medtronic announced that Food and drug administration has approved its Intellis implantable spinal-cord stimulation system to deal with chronic, intractable discomfort. The unit works together with the Samsung Universe Tab S2 interface and collects data twenty-four hours a day. The actual-time accessibility to data enables physicians to create modifications towards the therapy regimen.

“Chronic discomfort is difficult to manage. Getting real-time data can offer more details about patients’ quality of existence changes,” stated Dr. Lance Roy, discomfort medicine specialist at Duke College Clinic, inside a Medtronic news release. “This platform represents a welcome new choice for managing some types of chronic discomfort. New non-opioid treatments are essential because of the national crisis associated with opioid abuse.”

While Medtronic hopes the most recent, tiniest spinal-cord neurostimulator goes aways to supply an alternate, a much smaller sized clients are also making some headway to advertise adoption of their neurostimulation device.

SPR Therapeutics announced a week ago it has elevated a $25 million Series C round to grow the sales of their Food and drug administration-removed SPRINT wearable neurostimulation device.

The peripheral nerve stimulation system is made to treat chronic and acute discomfort after a health care provider prescribes it, the treatment can be carried out in your own home. Within an email forwarded with a representative, the founder, president and Chief executive officer of SPR Therapeutics challenged the traditional knowledge about neurostimulation and discomfort management as espoused by the kind of Medtronic.

“The prevailing knowledge in discomfort management and neurostimulation therapies for several years continues to be that stimulation should be provided chronically to supply lengthy-term discomfort relief.  Consequently, there’s been a proliferation of permanently implantable systems,” authored Maria Bennett.

But citing the instance of the patient who she stated was comfortable even 2 yrs following a treatment, Bennett described the treatments are just for two months or eight days then the leads are withdrawn.

The $25 million series C round originates from Frontcourt Ventures as well as an unnamed family office brought the round. Previous investors include Frontcourt along with other high-internet-worth individuals and family offices.

The cash will be employed to hire the Cleveland company’s first dedicated salesforce and clinical and research personnel, Bennett stated. Further, the cash will be employed to fund numerous studies which will test the unit for other kinds of discomfort including low back discomfort and discomfort after total knee replacements.

SPR Therapeutics has elevated greater than $60 million.