Anpac Bio Surpasses 50,000 Situation Study Milestone ‘Liquid Biopsy Pioneer’ Serving Individual, Medical, Insurance & Corporate Customers

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Chris Yu, Ceo of worldwide existence sciences corporation Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company, announced now the organization set a brand new, worldwide record, processing and reporting 50 plus,000 cases worldwide from the company’s proprietary, “Cancer Differentiation Analysis” (CDA) liquid biopsy tests.

Referred to as “game altering”, and finding the, “Breakthrough Innovation Award”, at World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit and named, “Most Promising Cancer Screening Company”, in the 2017 Global Precision Medicine Industry Awards, Anpac Bio’s CDA technology effectively reinvents early cancer screening and recognition.

By analyzing simple, standard, bloodstream tests, and applying Anpac Bio’s proprietary, multi-level, multi-parameter, diagnostic algorithms, Anpac Bio’s CDA technology identifies cancer with measurably-greater precision than most up to date, conventional screening methods. Also it achieves this with no dangerous negative effects in patients generating far less “false positives” at a price substantially less than traditional testing and generating results in a few minutes of sample submission.

Comprehensive research validity data in the 50,000+ cases processed up to now demonstrate CDA diagnostics consistently identify over 26+ cancers — having a sensitivity and specificity rate selection of 75%-90% — usually identifying the condition at its earliest stages.

The organization has filed over 200 CDA-related patent applications worldwide – 65+ issued presently and maintains operations in six sites, employing over 100 people globally.

“Since our organization launched in 2008, Anpac Bio has pioneered the ‘liquid biopsy’ space,” states Dr. Yu. “Our CDA technologies have been extensively tested, verified, and used daily by a large number of Asia’s best-respected and famous medical institutions. We’re also generating equally accurate and good results in the U . s . States. So that as these studies continues to be printed and presented before respected scientific organizations, like the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and also the World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit, our CDA exams are in great demand. We are now processing CDA tests for people, health systems, insurance providers, educational facilities, and corporations. We are very proud our CDA devices have advanced past the laboratory, and therefore are processing real tests legitimate people – saving lives every single day. Only at that rate, we project to double our CDA cases worldwide and save a lot more resides in 2018!”

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Medtronic Care Management Services, American Well partner to integrate telehealth abilities

Printed 17 October 2017

Medtronic Care Management Services (MCMS) business and American Well have joined right into a first-of-its-kind proper partnership to allow a far more complete telehealth solution centered on the initial requirements of the complex, chronic, co-morbid patient population.

Underneath the the agreement, the companies works together to allow patient use of American Well’s telemedicine services on MCMS’ video-enabled platforms, and also to allow bi-directional data flow backward and forward parties.

The telehealth solution will give you information from MCMS’ remote patient monitoring to clinicians performing consultations using American Well’s telemedicine abilities, and let information from all of these telemedicine appointments with be incorporated in MCMS’ clinical keeper.

Their bond is made to provide greater patient use of their care team, while improving clinician accessibility information needed when creating care decisions – especially because they evaluate possibilities for early intervention.

“We’re happy to work with American Well to supply a cutting-edge, patient-centric means to fix our customers,” stated Sheri Dodd, v . p . and gm, Medtronic Care Management Services.

“Supplying choose to complex, chronic, co-morbid populations requires use of, and coordination between, multiple clinical specialties. Our interact can help clinicians obtain a more complete look at an individual’s health status when creating care decisions, and can help ensure use of information from telemedicine interactions can be obtained towards the broader care team as the patient remains in their own individual home.”

Using telehealth solutions is growing tremendously due partly towards the growing complex, chronic, co-morbid patient population – whose multiple disease diagnoses require ongoing attention from the 3 clinical specialties, and whose care drives greater than 70 % of total U.S. healthcare spending.1 

MCMS and American Well’s proper partnership brings critical factors of telehealth services together, with the aim of reducing the price of care and improving patient outcomes with this unique population.

“We’re happy to work with Medtronic Care Management Services for connecting patient monitoring data into telehealth visits. This helps clinicians better manage patients while supplying patients with flexible use of expert care once they most require it,Inch stated Ido Schoenberg, Chief executive officer of yankee Well.

“These new abilities assists clients of both Medtronic Care Management Services and American Well, improving the abilities open to health plans, major health systems, along with other customers going after more effective proper care of complex patients.”

Medtronic is dedicated to developing services and solutions that address healthcare needs by improving clinical and economic outcomes. Like a reliable source for hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, and payers, Medtronic Care Management Services is dedicated to improving patient outcomes, and delivering economic advantages to the healthcare system.

 This approach props up company’s transition toward expanding traditional medical device product choices to broader healthcare services and solutions, supplying significant clinical and economic value for hospitals, physicians, patients, and payers.

American Well uses telehealth to enhance people’s use of quality care. The organization serves a telehealth ecosystem in excess of 250 healthcare partners nationwide, including most major health plans and most 70 health systems made up of over 975 hospitals.

Source: Company Pr Release

Vibrant Health cofounder and president on consumer-centric healthcare

From left: Medical Alley Association president and Chief executive officer Shaye Mandle moderates a session with Vibrant Health cofounder and president Kyle Rolfing

It’s very easy to obtain obsessed with the exciting technologies visiting the healthcare space. But amongst each one of these changes and developments, organizations shouldn’t forget one part that’s central towards the industry: the individual.

Minneapolis-based Vibrant Health, any adverse health insurance startup, began having a concentrate on the consumer.

“There’s huge technology that belongs to Vibrant Health,” cofounder and president Kyle Rolfing stated at MedCity INVEST Twin Cities on October 12. “But it never once began with any technology. None. It had been, ‘What is really a disruptive business design which has a significant value proposition to people who is sustainable and fundable?’ This is where it began.”


The organization works together with health systems to codevelop insurance coverage. It made its debut in Colorado via a collaboration with Centura Health. Captured, it announced intends to expand towards the Phoenix, Arizona and Birmingham, Alabama markets in 2018.

Rolfing stated Vibrant Health hasn’t faced much pushback in delivering this model. The startup contacted various systems and stated, “We’d prefer to develop a health plan completely surrounding you.Inches

Based on Rolfing, most health systems responded with interest, partly simply because they were contemplating going for a similar approach themselves and needed assistance and extra abilities to provide it. A couple of switched Vibrant Health lower simply because they already had intends to create this type of model. Others weren’t ready to go for it, as fee-for-service was still being employed by them.

Regardless of this consumer-centric approach employed by Vibrant Health, Rolfing noted that lots of payers and health systems find it difficult to keep your patients in the center.

Because health insurers stick to the money, it’s difficult to allow them to make bold changes in this region. “The majority of the dollars they’ve are B2B2C,” Rolfing stated. “You’re likely to do what’s best to keep individuals dollars flowing.”

Despite the fact that hospitals need to understand consumers, they’re even more behind compared to health plans, particularly with regards to getting in talent to assist, he noted.

Searching ahead, Rolfing believes the approaching possibilities in healthcare will not be around point solutions. He compared the problem to some vendor selling aspects of an apple iphone, such as the camera and also the calculator, individually. Healthcare technology information mill giving consumers separate solutions rather of packaging them into one fluid product. That, he stated, is how the main focus must be.

Correction: An earlier version want to know , incorrectly spelled Shaye Mandle’s name within the excerpt and caption.

Photo: Matthias Orfield

Ria Health Launches Mobile Application in lowering Consuming (Interview)

A week ago we shared 12 new companies unveiling their innovative ideas at Health 2.0’s Launch! event this season. During the exhibit hall, a couple of more initial phase companies were also leveraging Health 2. to kickoff new programs and technologies. One of these simple was the state launch of Ria Health‘s mobile application solution to help individuals reduce their consuming through a mix of support from addiction specialists and daily progress tracking. The organization started testing the merchandise captured and, getting seen great initial outcomes, has become making we’ve got the technology open to consumers seeking a brand new method of reduce consuming.

Among the original clinical founders and today Chief Medical Officer of Ria Health, Dr. John Mendelson, is quoted as stating that, “Leading scientific study has developed effective and safe treating excessive drinking, however these treatments haven’t been adopted. Being an worldwide recognized addiction specialist and investigator my team and that i produced Ria Health to create these treatments to everybody.”

The announcement also highlighted adding Tom Nix, former consultant, towards the core Ria Health team as Ceo. While ongoing their objective of realizing an interesting member experience, Tom’s role may also concentrate on the growth and development of proper funnel partnerships within corporate HR, health systems, and also the physician community. Commenting about this chance for enterprise growth, Tom believes that, “Ria Health might help employers offer private, effective choose to their workers with measured outcomes which are positive and cost-effective along with a convenient program you can use within the comfort and privacy that belongs to them home.”  While at Health 2., Medgadget had an opportunity to interact with Tom to find out more.

Medgadget: Where did the concept behind Ria Health originate from?

Tom Nix, Ria Health Chief executive officer

Tom Nix: Our mind of technology, and my buddy, Bob Nix, spent nine years building among the greatest technology platforms in healthcare at athenahealth. While transitioning from that role, he discovered Dr. John Mendelson, who had been operating in the addiction space. Bob was convinced within the effectiveness of Dr. Mendelson’s work and also the numerous Food and drug administration studies that demonstrated the advantages of addiction-related education. Because he began searching to have an initial use situation, Bob started to consider the difficulties and impact of consuming. The Nation’s Institute on Excessive Drinking and Alcoholism estimates that about 34 million individuals the U . s . States are afflicted by Alcohol Consumption Disorder By having an chance to deal with what could effectively certainly be a chronic illness, he felt it might be an essential need that the new solution might be introduced to promote to deal with.

Medgadget: Do you know the challenges of traditional methods to managing consuming?

Tom: Solutions happen to be attempted before but they’re frequently standalone medical, social, or technology-driven approaches. Traditional treatment methods are typically rehab or Aa (AA). They are two great options, however they don’t always fit exactly what the individual needs. Residential rehab lasts 4 weeks which may be very disruptive to daily existence since you need to really focus and disconnect throughout this program. AA is really a strong alternative but you will find people we’ve spoken with who aren’t confident with the religious facet of that group or even the public situation they’re place in despite having the ability to be “anonymous.”

Today, only 4% of people battling with consuming go for these kinds of programs. Clearly we want another solution. More lately, using the development of digital health, application-only solutions will be in this mixture. However, by having an application-only method, you miss the chance to supply individuals with true, significant, objective measures while connecting all of them with an assistance network simultaneously.

Medgadget: Exactly what does Ria Health do differently?

Tom: At Ria Health, we combine all multiple of those elements into one solution including certified telemedicine coaches, drink tracking and breath analyzer data, along with a social capacity to interact having a personal support included in the process. To provide you with a bit more detail, our certified coaches use people to put together strategies, plans, and goals in lowering or stop consuming. Many people tend from physician support since it may be very costly. However, there’s evidence to exhibit that whenever a health care provider is engaged, individuals tackling consuming challenges are more inclined to be concerned a bit longer of your time than programs without it element. Used, we all do observe that telemedicine sessions are really extremely popular since, anecdotally, individuals are more prepared to be obvious within their problems and supply more detail regarding their needs once they feel like maintaining their privacy, dignity, and there’s no shame or stigma that could be associated with classical consuming programs.

Documenting the amount of drinks and recording breath analyzer data assistance to evaluate how people do with time and supply metrics for progress towards each member’s goals. Users can invite anybody, just like a family or friend, right into a private social networking to sign up within their journey towards controlling their consuming habit. The social capacity derives, partly from what AA was achieving once they started within the 1903s. Basically we possess the capacity to permit member-to-member socialization, we have to be cautious to understand if this sounds like something our people want or maybe focusing interactions between your member, their coach, as well as their private social networking is so far as we ought to go.

The mixture of all of these features leads to people dramatically reducing their consuming and sustaining their participation within the program with time. Today, we’ve 4 patents pending around our approach and procedures.

Medgadget: You mention tracking progress. Do users eventually finish this program or transition into using Ria in different ways because they achieve their objectives?

Tom: Most behavior change for individuals managing their consuming happens within 12 several weeks. Included in the initial increase, people define their success criteria. For other individuals available, the aim is frequently abstinence. Something to become obvious about here’s that at Ria Health, we’re not requesting abstinence. People ought to set their very own, personal objectives and goals which may be any place in the plethora of reducing to stopping consuming altogether. Members’ motivations to scale back on consuming also influence their set goals and will include slimming down, better sleep, and getting better relationships. All of these are negative effects of consuming less often and therefore are essential for the member to acknowledge when figuring out what they’re searching to get away from this program.

Many people hit their success criteria earlier than others but have the ability to possibilities to carry on maintaining that success or using the program even more beyond their initial goals. Therefore we have graduates who achieve their objectives and finish this program. We have people using Ria Health like a maintenance program after they achieve their set goals by ongoing to trace their activity and interesting within the social media area of the technology to help keep themselves accountable.

Medgadget: Ria Health is formally launching today for consumers.

Tom: We intentionally launched having a direct-to-consumer model which, to the enjoyable surprise, resulted in we could rapidly begin growing our member base and immediately begin helping a lot of people. We did this individually distinct, before official launch, captured in The month of january. The advantage of this tactic is the fact that our initial people happen to be supplying insights into the way they make use of the system which will help us boost the consumer experience to higher improve our technology. Instead of awaiting a Business to business pilot, this method permitted us to obtain data from users faster. Already, we’re seeing typically 30 interactions per member monthly and also have documented over 16,000 member interactions up to now by having an expectation of doubling that to in excess of 30,000 over the following thirty days. The quantity of data we’re mining and making use of to enhance we’ve got the technology is going to be far more than any competitor entering this space. Once we start to build out our enterprise relationships, we can sit lower with health systems and providers and show real, significant outcomes from actual people.

Medgadget: Out of your initial group of data, whoever else discovered your people and also have you started to realize any one of individuals outcomes you pointed out?

Tom: At this time, our membership is all about 60% ladies and 40% men by having an average chronilogical age of 45 years. What’s really exciting though is the fact that our initial cohort of test people decreased their drinking typically 60% within the first thirty days. I’m able to really demonstrate a graph in our consumption with time data from people of Ria Health [see below].  Coming up, we’re intending to show more data, leveraging our user data and existing financial savings analyses using their company consuming reduction programs, about how helping our people reduce consuming also generates an essential roi for employers along with other healthcare organizations who we’re excited to start dealing with to deal with this critical need.

4 months of progress achieved by Ria Health people. All customer information is averaged within this chart showing daily bloodstream alcohol concentration (BAC) when compared with baseline BAC measured at the beginning of this program. Raw member information is smoothed having a 7-day moving average, and every reason for the chart shows the typical across all people tomorrow.

Link: Ria Health…

CareAdvantage Perioperative Efficiency Capacity Proven to lessen Hospital Operational Costs and Improve Operating Room Efficiency

SOMERVILLE, N.J., March. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — At the educational Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) annual meeting today, the Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC)* reported the outcomes from the real-world evidence study conducted with UCSF Health to evaluate operating room (OR) data for particular procedures and identify areas to enhance efficiencies. The research examined enhancements in surgical instrument tray set-up some time and other endpoints for total knee and hip procedures produced by leveraging CareAdvantage in the Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies** (world wide and it is Perioperative Efficiency capacity.

UCSF already was performing above benchmark for overall procedure OR set-up time entering the research[i]. By leveraging the CareAdvantage approach, UCSF improved instrument tray setup amount of time in the operating room further, by three minutes for hip procedures and 6 minutes for knee procedures. The research also revealed additional enhancements: a 57-percent decrease in final amount of surgical instrument trays, a 29-percent reduction in the amount of instruments used across total hip and knee procedures, along with a 46-percent decrease in the typical quantity of open trays. This converted for an believed financial savings totaling greater than $262,000 yearly.[ii]

“An essential priority for UCSF being an academic institution is optimizing our OR processes and delivering better choose to our patients,” stated Richard Capra, Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCSF. “The research results provide insights about how exactly we are able to achieve our goals by reduction of the variation in clinical processes, lowering our inventory costs and physical footprint, improving our clinical staff’s productivity, reducing ecological impact, and helping enhance quality of care.”

The CareAdvantage Perioperative Efficiency capacity offers tailored approaches in lowering operational costs and also the variation in clinical processes by streamlining the movement of JJMDC devices with the surgical services and sterile processing departments.

“Approaches like the one utilized by JJMDC and UCSF might help hospitals and health systems make important strides in addressing perioperative management,” stated Michael Gagnon, Chief Administrative Officer, Orthopaedic Surgery at Duke College Clinic & Founding father of The Educational Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC). “As both educational institutions along with other systems seek how you can deliver efficiencies and outcomes, increasing the processes involved with performing surgical operations could be a critical place to make an effect.Inch

Based on JJMDC’s recent Voices for Value Insights Series, market research of U.S. health system executives and operating room clinicians, there’s elevated interest in ways of improve perioperative efficiency, with two-thirds of executives (64 percent) and most 1 / 2 of clinicians (56 percent)[iii] citing the advance of perioperative efficiency like a priority for his or her health system. Laptop computer also discovered that three from four executives and clinicians believe perioperative efficiency can improve numerous health system operations, including efficiency (81 percent), cost (76 percent) and time challenges (75 %)[iv]. Sixty-six per cent of respondents also think that perioperative efficiency can improve outcomes: patient satisfaction (68 percent) and excellence of care (67 percent)[v].

“Perioperative efficiency is a vital section of focus for health systems trying to improve clinical processes, lower operational costs and enhance patient outcomes,” stated Christina Farup, M.D., V . P ., Health Financial aspects and Market Access, JJMDC. “Our CareAdvantage approach begins with listening and concentrates on leveraging data to recognize goals and make actionable plans for improvement for health systems to attain value-based care.”

To participate the discussion about perioperative efficiency and cost-based care, visit Voices for Value on LinkedIn.

Concerning the Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies
The Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies’ purpose would be to achieve more patients and restore more lives. Getting advanced patient care for over a century, these businesses represent an unparalleled breadth of merchandise, services, programs and development and research abilities in surgical technology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular and niche solutions by having an offering fond of delivering clinical and economic value to healthcare systems worldwide.

About Manley & Manley Healthcare Systems Corporation.
Manley & Manley Healthcare Systems Corporation. (JJHCS) provides contracting, logistics, business services, and proper methods to customers and commercial intermediaries of U.S.-based Manley & Manley companies, including hospital systems, health plans, distributors, wholesalers, purchasing organizations, government payer programs, and government healthcare institutions within the U.S. JJHCS also engages with people to provide streamlined logistics services for the items that seamlessly integrate with customer operations, address shared evolving market challenges to value-based care, and develop innovative solutions that improve patient care and access.

* The Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies comprise the surgery, orthopaedics, and cardiovascular companies within Manley & Johnson’s Medical Devices segment.

** CareAdvantage in the Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies is provided through Manley & Manley Healthcare Systems Corporation. Its Perioperative Efficiency capacity is supplied for JJMDC products.

[i] Premier database 2016Q1-2016Q4, Produced on 6-12-17, updated 8-9-17 Premier Research Services. Premier Perspective Database. Charlotte, N.C.: 2016.
[ii] UCSF-specified Assumption: $75/tray American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
Premier database 2016Q1-2016Q4, Produced on 6-12-17, updated 8-9-17 Premier Research Services. Premier Perspective Database. Charlotte, N.C.: 2016. Ecological impact estimates approved by UCSF.
[iii] Laptop computer was conducted online between September 7 and 13, 2017 among 92 executives and clinicians in particular U.S. health systems.
[iv] Ibid
[v] Ibid


SOURCE Manley & Manley Medical Devices Companies

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Baxter launches DeviceVue advanced asset tracking system for Sigma Spectrum infusion system

Printed 28 September 2017

Baxter Worldwide has announced the launch of DeviceVue, an extensive asset tracking solution available solely to hospitals while using Sigma Spectrum infusion system.

Made to help enhance clinical and hospital efficiency, DeviceVue helps enable clinicians and biomedical engineers to rapidly find unused pumps by viewing pump location and standing data using their PC, iPad® or iPhone®. With DeviceVue, Baxter is the foremost and only smart infusion pump manufacturer to provide a tagless, finish-to-finish asset tracking application.

“Healthcare leaders today are needed to provide clinical and financial return on every dollar spent,” stated Scott Luce, gm, U.S. Hospital Products, Baxter. “Baxter is dedicated to constantly improving the award-winning Sigma Spectrum Infusion System through technologies like DeviceVue that drive operational efficiencies which help facilities maximize clinical value.”

Instead of the price and labor connected with purchasing and installing exterior rf identification (RFID) tags, DeviceVue gets to be a signal in the pump’s wireless radio that gives location data, if the pump is being used, and also the status from the pump battery, wireless network connection, and drug library. This information is submitted near real-time for you to the DeviceVue PC or mobile application.

DeviceVue is presently being used at multiple health systems across the nation, including Mississippi Baptist Clinic in Jackson, Miss., a 564-bed, Magnet®-recognized facility. The Magnet designation represents the greatest distinction for nursing excellence and patient care.

Additionally to asset tracking, DeviceVue’s utilization reporting might help hospitals keep costs down by making certain as numerous pumps as you possibly can are offer use, while the opportunity to look for specific pumps by serial number might help biomedical engineers dramatically reduce how long needed to do preventive maintenance.

Sigma Spectrum’s hardware works in collaboration with the pump’s software to inspire utilization of innovative features that can help enhance patient safety and clinician efficiency. For instance, the pumps instantly default towards the installed drug library without requiring clinicians to consider extra steps to “opt-in,” and drug library updates could be delivered wirelessly to pumps within the facility without interrupting clinical workflow.

 Sigma Spectrum may be the only pump to incorporate a built-in Dose/Rate Change Error Prevention Feature, which will help clinicians safeguard high-risk infusions during titrations, and enables pharmacists to personalize dose change limits for individual drugs.

Sigma Spectrum includes features like: integration with electronic health record (Electronic health record) systems—including Cerner® and Epic®—to help streamline clinical workflow and improve precision of IV infusion documentation DeviceVue, a tagless, finish-to-finish asset tracking solution that will help give a significant boost to both clinical and operational efficiency enhanced data analytics and employ of single set technology that will help yield as much as 53 % financial savings in IV tubing sets and 30 % decrease in IV tubing use.1

Source: Company Pr Release