Vehicle T-Cell Therapies Drive Outcomes in Lymphoma, Myeloma

ATLANTA, 12 ,. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — For individuals with certain kinds of aggressive, refractory bloodstream cancers, treatments are woefully limited. But three studies being presented today in the 59th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Atlanta spotlight the emerging role performed by chimeric antigen receptor (Vehicle) T-cell therapies in assisting individuals mount a clinical response and, in some instances, achieve durable remission.

These therapies are made by harvesting an individual’s own T-cells (the immune system’s primary cancer-killing cells), reengineering these to target specific proteins at first glance of leukemia and lymphoma cells, and reintroducing the modified T-cells into the patient’s defense mechanisms.

“It’s encouraging the data continue being so strong and claim that Vehicle-T therapies for B-cell malignancies are not going anywhere soon,” stated press briefing moderator, Renier J. Brentjens, MD, PhD, medical oncologist and director of cellular therapeutics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. “There’s still a great deal we have to find out about toxicities — for instance, how you can manage cytokine release syndrome (CRS), a typical, potentially harmful response to this kind of infusion.”

In 2 separate, longer-term follow-up analyses (from the ZUMA-1 and JULIET trials), researchers discovered that initial responses were sustained with time in patients who received genetically modified T cells made to concentrate on the CD-19 protein, that is frequently expressed on malignant lymphoma cells. Another, Phase I study — among the largest to judge a Vehicle therapy targeting BCMA, a marker present on most multiple myeloma tumor cells — demonstrated encouraging early leads to patients with heavily pre-treated multiple myeloma.

“This is an exciting time. According to these results and up to date Food and drug administration approvals in this subject, there’s need to be reassured that cell therapies, for example Vehicle-T, may eventually be the grade of take care of hematologic malignancies in addition to solid tumors,” stated Dr. Brentjens.

This press conference will occur on Sunday, December 10, at 10:30 a.m. EST in Room A315 from the Georgia World Congress Center.

Responses to Vehicle T-Cell Therapy Still Strong after Twelve Months in Patients with Refractory National hockey league, Data also Reveal Why Therapy Fails in certain Patients

Lengthy-Term Follow-up ZUMA-1: A Pivotal Trial of Axicabtagene Ciloleucel (Axi-Cel KTE-C19) in Patients with Refractory Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (National hockey league) [578]

Among 108 patients with fast-growing and refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma (National hockey league), over fifty percent remained as alive more than a year after getting a single infusion of the Vehicle T-cell therapy, axicabtagene ciloleucel (axi-cel), that targets the CD-19 protein frequently available on cancerous lymphoma cells, researchers reported. This latest analysis of ZUMA-1, which mixes Phase I and II trial data, assessed the speed and sturdiness of responses and survival of these patients following a median follow-from 15.4 several weeks. Several year following a single infusion of axi-cel, 42 percent of patients stay in remission and 40 % of patients exhibit no proof of cancer.

“Lengthy-term follow-from ZUMA-1 confirms these responses could be durable and also the ongoing responses at 24 several weeks claim that late relapses are uncommon. Patients who’re in remission at 6 several weeks tend in which to stay remission,” stated lead study author Sattva S. Neelapu, MD, professor in the College of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. “With existing therapy, the median survival for those who have this ailment is just 6 several weeks. Here, we have seen over fifty percent of patients — 59 percent — continue to be alive more than a year after treatment.”

The research, which is happening at 22 sites, may be the largest study of the Vehicle T-cell therapy’s effectiveness up to now, based on researchers. Dr. Neelapu explains the durability findings will also be in line with observations from earlier, single-institution trials of axi-cel within this patient population. When it comes to safety, no new deaths associated with the treatment happened. At the start of the research, four patients died within two several weeks of treatment — two due to the Vehicle T-cell therapy and yet another two to unrelated adverse negative effects which are usual for disease progression. Within the pivotal part of ZUMA-1, common adverse occasions contained CRS, neurologic toxicities, neutropenia, anemia, and thrombocytopenia. Ten patients possessed a serious adverse event six several weeks following the primary analysis, including infections in eight patients. No new onset CRS or neurologic occasions associated with axi-cel were noticed in the updated analysis.

The research offers a few of the first clues why some patients relapse or don’t react to Vehicle T-cell therapy After analyzing tumor tissue from pre and post treatment in patients who relapsed, they discovered that inside a third of patients the CD19 protein wasn’t any longer present on cancer cells. Next, greater than two-thirds of tumors demonstrated proof of another protein, PD-L1, likely helping the cells of cancer survive by inhibiting the part from the infused T cells. Follow-up research is now going ahead to recognize possible methods to overcoming these complaints.

You will find roughly 72,000 new installments of National hockey league within the U.S. every year. National hockey league starts in white-colored bloodstream cells known as lymphocytes, which are members of the defense mechanisms. There’s two primary kinds of lymphocytes — B-cells and T-cells — whose role would be to assist the body fight infection.

A randomized trial to check the effectiveness of the therapy with second-line standard of care, including autologous stem cell transplantation for relapse after first-line therapy, is planned in patients with aggressive B-cell National hockey league.

Funding with this study was supplied by Kite Pharma, Corporation., now Gilead Sciences.

Sattva S. Neelapu, MD, The College of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, will show this research throughout an dental presentation on Monday, December 11, at 7:00 a.m. EST in Room A411 from the Georgia World Congress Center.

Six-Month Analysis of Tisagenlecleucel in Persistent Type of Lymphoma Shows Sustained Responses

Primary Analysis of Juliet: A Worldwide Pivotal Phase 2 Trial of CTL019 in Adult Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma [577]

Six several weeks after getting a single dose of tisagenlecleucel, a Vehicle T-cell therapy that targets CD-19, high response rates persist among adult patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), based on researchers.

This latest interim research into the worldwide JULIET trial demonstrated that for 46 patients with a minimum of 6 several weeks of follow-up, the general response rate was 37 percent, with 30 % achieving an entire response and seven percent achieving an incomplete response. In addition, based on researchers, this observation signifies that, among 81 patients treated, individuals whose indications of cancer choose to go away at 3 several weeks continued to be relapse-free at 6 several weeks and beyond.

“Basically we don’t understand fully the remissions are extremely durable, it’s exciting and can change how this ailment is treated when conventional therapies fail,” stated lead study author Stephen Schuster, MD, Professor of Hematology/Oncology within the Perelman Med school in the College of Pennsylvania (Penn) and Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center. “We will have the ability to offer patients that do not react to standard therapies a kind of therapy that could, following a single treatment, relieve signs and symptoms and save lives.”

DLBCL is easily the most common type of lymphoma, comprising roughly one-third of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases. While current treatments are effective for most people with this particular disease, individuals not answering current treatments face an undesirable prognosis with limited treatments. Based on Dr. Schuster, primary therapy will fail within one-third of individuals with DLBCL, and 1 / 2 of these patients won’t be candidates for stem cell transplantation, which is the best second-line treatment approach such patients could be candidates for this kind of therapy.

This single-arm, open-label Phase II trial may be the largest study analyzing a Vehicle T-cell therapy solely in individuals with DLBCL. It is happening at 27 sites spanning 10 countries across The United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Enrollees had received several lines of prior chemotherapy coupled with disease progression, or had unsuccessful to reply or were ineligible for autologous stem cell transplant. Patients ranged in age from 22 to 76 years of age.

Subgroup analyses demonstrated no improvement in outcomes according to prior DLBCL treatment or risks. From the 81 patients incorporated in JULIET, the responding patients continue being adopted with no additional therapy, and median durable overall response and overall survival haven’t yet been arrived at.

The majority of the adverse occasions were seen soon after infusion and incorporated CRS and neurotoxicities. There have been no deaths due to CTL019, CRS, or nerve occasions.

Dr. Schuster stated several factors set this trial aside from other investigations of Vehicle T-cell therapies, including the therapy ended with an outpatient grounds for many patients (26 %) and also the manufacturing process permitted investigators to create Vehicle T cells from formerly collected and frozen bloodstream cells, permitting effective shipment all over the world.

“When the Vehicle T cells were generated, we’re able to freeze them again, allowing us to carry the merchandise until patients were clinically prepared to receive them,” he stated. “They are very sick patients, which means this provides the treating physician some versatility to schedule therapy when it is perfect for each patient.”

Patients within the JULIET trial who taken care of immediately therapy continue being adopted carefully for recurrence of the lymphoma and recovery of the defense mechanisms.

Funding with this study was supplied by Novartis. 

Stephen J. Schuster, MD, College of Pennsylvania, will present this research throughout an dental presentation on Monday, December 11, at 7:00 a.m. EST in Room A411 from the Georgia World Congress Center.

Clinical Activity Seen with Anti-BCMA Vehicle T-Cell Therapy in Phase 1 Study of individuals with Heavily Pre-Treated Multiple Myeloma

Durable Clinical Responses in Heavily Pretreated Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma: Updated Is a result of a Multicenter Study of bb2121 Anti-BCMA Vehicle-T Cell Therapy [740]

A 1-time infusion of the investigational Vehicle T-cell therapy that targets a protein available on most multiple myeloma cells elicited an 86-percent overall response rate in 21 patients whose disease had return or hadn’t responded following a median of seven prior treatments, based on is a result of a Phase I study.

Among 18 patients who received greater, active doses of infused Vehicle T cells, this response rate elevated to 94 percent, with manageable negative effects, researchers reported. Of these 18 patients, 10 achieved an entire response and 9 of 10 evaluated for minimal residual disease (MRD) using sensitive genetic tests achieved an MRD-negative response. Following a median follow-up duration of 40 days, the median progression-free survival was not arrived at four patients who received active doses saw their disease worsen.

“We’re looking forward to the first produces a patient population with very advanced myeloma to whom previous therapies have unsuccessful,” stated senior study author James N. Kochenderfer, MD, from the Center for Cancer Research in the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

These bits of information are essential, Dr. Kochenderfer stated, because despite recent therapeutic advances, multiple myeloma — a cancer that begins in plasma cells, cells within the bone marrow that assist the body fight infection — remains nearly incurable. Existing therapies require patients to remain on treatment lengthy-term with drugs which have negative effects, he stated.

“Vehicle T-cell treatments are totally different from other available treating multiple myeloma,” Dr. Kochenderfer stated. “We’ve patients who’ve a sustained response and also have had the ability to choose more than a year without any additional myeloma therapy and tolerable negative effects.”

The research, conducted at nine sites in the U . s . States, may be the first U.S.-based multicenter study of the Vehicle T-cell therapy engineered to focus on BCMA, a protein available on most both myeloma tumor cells and normal plasma cells, but not one other healthy tissues. An believed 30,000 individuals the U . s . States is going to be identified as having multiple myeloma in 2017.

Twenty-one patients having a median chronilogical age of 58 years were signed up for the dose-escalation phase from the study. Had seen their disease return or stop responding following a median of seven prior treatments, together with a stem cell transplant.

The main purpose of the Phase I study ended up being to find out the “maximum tolerated dose” from the experimental treatment — that’s, the greatest dose that may be given without unacceptable amounts of negative effects. Additional outcome measures incorporated evaluating whether any cancer cells continued to be within the bone marrow, the amount of time before the cancer started to obtain worse, and reaction to treatment as measured with a standard group of criteria for assessing multiple myeloma.

Most sufferers experienced negative effects, including low bloodstream counts, CRS, and neurologic signs and symptoms. The 3 patients treated in an inactive Vehicle-T dose, the cheapest dose within the dose-escalation stage from the trial, died from advancement of their myeloma within twelve months. One of the 18 patients treated at active Vehicle-T doses, two patients died using their company causes while their myeloma is at an entire reaction to Vehicle-T therapy.

These bits of information are preliminary and, like a Phase I trial, the research didn’t have control group and it was designed mainly to recognize a secure dose of bb2121, to not assess the drug’s effectiveness.

Funding with this multi-site study was supplied by Celgene Corporation and bluebird bio, Corporation.

James N. Kochenderfer, MD,of National Cancer Institute, will show this research throughout an dental presentation this research on Monday, December 11, at 2:45 p.m. EST in Hall C1 from the Georgia World Congress Center.

The research authors and press program moderator is going to be readily available for interviews following the press conference or on the phone. Additional press briefings will occur through the meeting. For that complete annual meeting program and abstracts, visit world wide Follow @ASH_hematology and #ASH17 on Twitter and like ASH on Facebook which are more up-to-date details about the 2017 ASH Annual Meeting.

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) (world wide may be the world’s largest professional society of hematologists focused on furthering the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and protection against disorders affecting the bloodstream. In excess of half a century, the Society has brought the introduction of hematology like a discipline your clients’ needs research, patient care, education, training, and advocacy in hematology. The Society publishes Blood® (world wide, probably the most reported peer-reviewed publication within the field, along with the online, open-access journal, Bloodstream Advances® (world wide

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SOURCE American Society of Hematology

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Power restored to 175,000 customers over past 24 hrs

ATLANTA, 12 ,. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Repair and restoration efforts continue Saturday mid-day with personnel through the condition involved in Georgia Power’s efforts to revive plan to customers influenced by heavy snowfall in the last 24 hrs.  Restoration crews within the field still face challenging travel conditions, including impassable bridges and roads because of significant snow accumulation and icing.

Restoration Update

  • Since noon Friday, restoration crews will be in field and also have securely restored capacity to roughly 175,000 customers
  • By 12:30 p.m. Saturday, roughly 130,000 customers were without power statewide based on Georgia Power’s Online Outage Map. Customers should continue to determine the Outage Map as updated local believed restoration occasions are published according to ongoing evaluations with new assessments and repair estimates.
  • Greater than 2,400 individual installments of damage or trouble (including damaged rods and contours) the organization is trying to repair.

Georgia Power reminds people to keep safety first during severe winter months while offering multiple tools and sources to remain connected and informed.

Following the Storm Safety Tips

  • Watch out for downed wires. Downed utility lines might be hidden by snow, debris or fallen trees.
  • Never touch any downed wire or make an effort to remove tree branches from utility lines – it may kill.
  • Don’t part of standing water or saturated ground where downed lines might be present. They may be electrified.
  • Avoid chain link fences. They might be electrified with a downed line from sight and conduct electrical current over great distances.

Tools You Are Able To Use 

  • Outage Alerts – Sign up for the disposable Georgia Power Outage Alert plan to receive personalized notifications and updates via text.
  • Outage & Storm Center – Offered at world wide, customers can click on this website to enroll in Outage Alerts, report and appearance the status of outages, and access helpful safety tips and knowledge. Customers can report and appearance the status of the outage 24 hrs each day by contacting Georgia Power at 888-891-0938.  
  • Outage Map – Housed inside the Outage & Storm Center, Georgia Power’s interactive Outage Map provides near real-time information, allowing users to determine where outages are occurring over the condition and track believed restoration occasions.
  • Georgia Power Mobile Application – Download the Georgia Power mobile application for Apple and Android devices to gain access to storm and outage information on the run.
  • @GeorgiaPower on Twitter – Follow @GeorgiaPower on Twitter for storm tips, outage updates, customer support and much more.
  • Winter Months Prep Videos – Search for a number of informational videos on winter months preparation at

When tornados strikes, Georgia Power can access additional sources available included in the Southern Company system, including multiple utility companies serving greater than 9 million customers nationwide. Furthermore, Georgia Power belongs to a nationwide mutual assistance network composed of a large number of utilities from round the country, and the organization has the capacity to make use of reinforcements if needed to revive capacity to Georgia customers carrying out a storm. 

About Georgia Power 
Georgia Power may be the largest electric subsidiary of Southern Company (New york stock exchange: SO), America’s premier energy company. Value, Reliability, Customer Support and Stewardship would be the cornerstones from the company’s promise to two.5 million customers in basically four of Georgia’s 159 counties. Dedicated to delivering clean, safe, reliable and cost-effective energy at rates underneath the national average, Georgia Power keeps a diverse, innovative generation mix which includes nuclear, coal and gas, in addition to renewables for example solar, hydroelectric and wind. Georgia Power concentrates on delivering world-class plan to its customers every single day and the organization is actually identified by J.D. Power and Associates being an leader in the industry in client satisfaction. To learn more, visit world wide and fasten with the organization on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (

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SOURCE Georgia Power

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Rare Pygmy Hippo Born At Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

TAMPA, Fla., 12 ,. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas came early at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo using the birth of the rare baby within an adorable pygmy package. An endangered pygmy hippopotamus was created early in the day on 12 ,. 1, 2017 to experienced mother Zsa Zsa, coming in at an believed 9 pounds. The child is among only 32 pygmy hippos within the Species Survival Program which makes it an uncommon gift for that Tampa community. This is actually the 4th offspring for Zsa Zsa, and also the 4th birth of the species within the Zoo’s history.

“Pygmy hippos are elusive and very rare within the wild with simply a couple of 1000 regarded as left on the planet,Inch stated Chris Massaro, General Curator at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. “We are certainly one of only 13 zoos in the U . s . States to look after this excellent species which means this birth is particularly essential for us, and also the entire Pygmy hippo population.”

Pygmy hippos, his or her name implies, are smaller sized than their Earth hippo relative. Unlike the greater common river hippo which reside in large pods in rivers throughout a lot of eastern and southern Africa, pygmy hippos tend to be rarer, living solitary, elusive resides in lowland forests, mainly limited to Liberia in West Africa, with small figures in neighboring countries. At adult, pygmy hippos weigh in at just a couple of hundred pounds, and stand no more than three ft tall.  

The Zoo intentions of announcing the gender from the new addition having a special gender reveal. More news on the specific calf is going to be revealed within the coming days. Visitors can easily see the Pygmy hippo calf in the habitat in Ituri Forest situated in Safari Africa.

About Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo
Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is run by the Lowry Park Zoological Society, a completely independent 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to excellence in education, conservation and research. The Zoo is accredited through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and it is featured one of the “Top 25 Zoos within the U.S” by TripAdvisor (2015) and “ten best Zoos within the U.S.” by Trekaroo (2015). The Zoo is situated at 1101 W. Sligh Avenue in Tampa, one mile west of I-275 (exit 48) and it is open 7 days per week, from 9:30 a.m. to five p.m. daily. Parking is free of charge. Visit world wide or call (813) 935-8552 for information.  Also discover the Zoo on Twitter and facebook.

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SOURCE Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

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Ole Miss’ star wide receiver A.J. Brown wins fan voting segment of 2017 C Spire Conerly Trophy honoring Mississippi’s top nfl and college football player

JACKSON, Miss., November. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ole Miss’ recording-setting wide receiver A.J. Brown was the very best election getter and champion from the fan voting segment from the 2017 C Spire Conerly Trophy, which yearly honors the very best nfl and college football player in Mississippi, it had been announced Sunday.

Brown, a sophomore from Starkville, received 3,479 votes from fans, which counts for 10 % from the award.  Mississippi Condition junior quarterback Nick Fitzgerald finished second with 3,207 votes and Alcorn Condition running back De’Lance Turner was third with 1,822 votes.  A panel of statewide sports media representatives decide the rest of the 90 % from the award.

Over 10,300 votes were cast for that 10 finalists from Magnolia condition public universites and colleges via social networking and texting throughout the week-lengthy fan voting period backed by C Spire and also the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  The 2010 overall champion is going to be announced in a special banquet Tuesday night in the Hilton Jackson.

Brown, a semifinalist for that 2017 Biletnikoff Award, may be the single-season Ole Miss record holder in receiving yards with 1,252.  He tied the only-season record for many receiving touchdowns with 11 and grew to become just the second Digital rebel in class history to record six 100-yard receiving games this year.

Another seven finalists who received fan votes were Southern Miss running back Ito Cruz, Mississippi Valley Condition defensive back Mark Pegues, Mississippi College defensive back Chris Manning, Millsaps College linebacker Jacob Kendall, Belhaven College quarterback Hunter McEachern, Jackson Condition linebacker Shawn Bishop and Delta Condition running back Chris Robinson.

The C Spire Conerly Trophy presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, November. 28 in the Hilton Jackson, 1001 County Line Road, in Jackson. A 5:30 p.m. reception is going to be adopted through the 6:30 p.m. dinner program and trophy presentation.  Coaches and finalists all the colleges are anticipated to go to.  For ticket availability or even more information, visit or call 601.982.8264.  Former Ole Miss and Saints great Archie Manning would be the special guest speaker in the awards program.

This is actually the fifth amount of time in the award’s 22-year history that fan voting continues to be permitted for the prestigious award. “We’ve probably the most passionate nfl and college football fans in the united states which provides them a method to get their voice heard in selecting Mississippi’s best nfl and college football player,” stated Jim Richmond, v . p . of promoting for C Spire.

Among past C Spire Conerly Trophy winners are such prominent former and active National football league standouts as two-time winners Dak Prescott and Eli Manning, Deuce McAllister, Jerious Norwood, Michael Boley, Patrick Willis, Anthony Dixon and Evan Engram

The award is known as following the late Charlie Conerly – the only real football inductee within the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame who had been an exciting-American in a Mississippi college, an National football league rookie of the season and National football league All-Pro member and quarterbacked a group to some world championship.  C Spire has backed the outstanding player awards program for those major college sports since 1998.

About C Spire
C Spire is really a leading technology company dedicated to transforming Mississippi with the C Spire Tech Movement, including the huge deployment of internet broadband to homes and small companies, a condition-of-the-art digital experience because of its customers and team people, technology innovation leadership and also the creation and retention of the 21st century technology workforce in the region.  The organization provides world-class, customer-inspired wireless communications, 1 Gigabit consumer Access to the internet in addition to a full suite of dedicated Internet, wireless, IP Voice, data and cloud services for companies.  What is the news release along with other bulletins can be found at world wide To learn more about C Spire, visit world wide or follow us on Facebook at world wide or Twitter at world wide

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Avec l’acquisition du groupe Cylande, Cegid donne naissance à united nations leader mondial

LYON, France, November 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Cegid annonce lacquisition de Cylande, acteur majeur dans lédition de progiciels pour le commerce spécialisé (Retail). Cette opération renforce la position de Cegid dans l’édition de solutions logicielles dédiées au secteur Retail avec united nations nouvel ensemble générant près de 100 millions deuros de chiffre daffaires en 2016 au niveau mondial, avec près de 70.000 magasins équipés dans 70 pays. Cette acquisition permet daccélérer la trajectoire de développement de Cegid sur ce secteur en forte croissance.

     (Emblem: )

L’acquisition de Cylande componen Cegid renforce ainsi sa position comme l’un plusieurs principaux acteurs mondiaux de l’édition de solutions informatiques pour le secteur du ‘Retail’.

Cegid et Cylande sont ainsi en mesure, ensemble, de poursuivre l’ensemble des investissements techniques et humains nécessaires pour relever l’ensemble des challenges et défis du ‘Retail’, et conquérir de nouveaux marchés, tant en France qu’à l’international.

« La complémentarité des gammes, la richesse plusieurs bases installées clients, lexpertise métiers plusieurs collaborateurs de part et dautre et la présence internationale plusieurs deux sociétés couplés au leadership Cloud de Cegid font de ce nouvel ensemble united nations acteur incontournable et stratégiquement positionné pour relever l’ensemble des défis du marché du Retail » précise Pascal Houillon, Directeur Général de Cegid.

Jean-Pierre Paugam, fondateur et Président actuel de Cylande, soutient le nouvel ensemble en tant que consultant sur plusieurs sujets stratégiques. Stéphane Escriva accompagne Cegid dans la durée en tant que Directeur Général Délégué de Cylande.

Cegid entend conserver et enrichir l’ensemble des différentes gammes de solutions et permettre ainsi de conforter l’ensemble des choix d’investissements réalisés componen l’ensemble des clients de Cylande. L’ensemble des produits Cylande seront intégrés dans le portefeuille produits de Cegid.
Cegid mettra en œuvre boy savoir-faire en matière de rapprochement comme cela a déjà été le cas, avec succès, lors plusieurs précédentes acquisitions.

Nathalie Echinard, Directrice générale de l’activité Retail de Cegid prend la responsabilité de ce nouvel ensemble.

A propos de Cylande   
Fondée il y an advantage de 30 ans, Cylande, aujourd’hui acteur majeur de l’édition de logiciels dédiés au secteur du ‘Retail’, accompagne le développement plusieurs enseignes du commerce spécialisé et en grande distribution en France et à l’étranger. Avec une panoplie de solutions, nativement omnicanales portées componen U . s . Retail, permettant de gérer tous l’ensemble des modes de distribution, tous l’ensemble des formats d’enseignes et tout type de réseau de distribution, Cylande a une proposition de valeur éprouvée et united nations portefeuille de plus de 180 clients de renommée mondiale qui reflètent le succès de sa stratégie et la grande qualité de ses solutions. Cylande compte parmi ses clients plusieurs marques internationales prestigieuses comme Etam, Petit Bateau, Truffaut, Armand Thiery, Bio C Bon, Groupe Eram, Nocibé, Sergent Major/Natalys/DPAM, Devred,… .

L’entreprise est présente directement en France, en Chine, au Portugal, en Pologne et en Côte d’Ivoire. Le périmètre d’activité acquis componen Cegid représente, en 2016, united nations chiffre d’affaires de l’ordre de 31 M€ et 340 collaborateurs.

Plus d’informations sur http://world wide

A propos de Cegid : 
Acteur leader en transformation numérique, Cegid améliore la performance plusieurs organisations grâce à ses solutions de gestion SaaS.

Cegid propose plusieurs solutions dans l’ensemble des domaines en gestion financière, en fiscalité, en gestion plusieurs talents et plusieurs ressources humaines, difficile plusieurs applications métiers destinées aux secteurs du retail, en profession comptable et du secteur public.

Portées componen une politique d’innovation ambitieuse, l’ensemble des offres Cegid intègrent l’ensemble des nouveaux usages autour du Cloud, en mobilité, en dématérialisation, du Big Data, de l’intelligence artificielle, et plusieurs plateformes collaboratives.

Groupe worldwide avec plus de 120 000 clients dans 75 pays, Cegid compte 2 200 collaborateurs et a réalisé united nations chiffre d’affaires de 307M€ en 2016.

Plus d’informations : http://world wide 

Suivre Cegid sur l’ensemble des réseaux sociaux :

https://world wide

https://world wide

https://world wide

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DelMar Presents Positive Interim Is a result of VAL-083 Study in MGMT-unmethylated Recurrent GBM in the Society for NeuroOncology Annual Meeting

VANCOUVER, Bc and MENLO PARK, Calif., November. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Corporation. (NASDAQ: DMPI) (“DelMar” or even the “Company”), a biopharmaceutical company centered on the introduction of new cancer therapies, today provided an introduction to three scientific posters presented in the 22nd Annual Meeting and Education Day’s the Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) held on November 16-19, 2017 in Bay Area, CA.

DelMar reported that 96% of patients enrolled were alive during the time of case study and 40% of patients enrolled were reported to possess achieved stable disease as assessed by MRI following treatment with VAL-083 like a single agent.  “Even though it is too soon to interpret overall survival is a result of this research, the substantial disease control observed up to now within the treatment recurrent GBM, ‎an aggressive tumor that may double in dimensions within 6-8 days, is a vital and positive observation at this time,Inch stated Mr. Saiid Zarrabian, DelMar’s Interim Ceo.  

“The promising early observations from your ongoing Phase 2 medical trial of VAL-083 like a potential new treatment choice for MGMT-unmethylated GBM will also be based on extensive preclinical research into VAL-083’s unique mechanism of action,” added Mr. Zarrabian.  “According to these recent data, we feel VAL-083 represents a possible solution for probably the most important unmet medical needs in treating GBM along with other nervous system tumors.”

DelMar provided an update around the company’s ongoing Phase 2 studies inside a poster titled “Numerous Studies with dianhydrogalactitol (VAL-083) in MGMT-unmethylated Glioblastoma,” which is happening together with The College of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. This trial is made to enroll as much as 48 patients to find out if VAL-083 treatment improves overall survival when compared with historic reference control. 

  • DelMar reported that 27 subjects happen to be screened and 15 happen to be enrolled because the opening of recruitment in Feb 2017. Up to now, the trial has enrolled for a price in front of initial projections.
  • All patients signed up for the research have recurrent MGMT-unmethylated GBM with radiographic proof of progression and weren’t surgically resected during the time of enrollment.
  • DelMar reported that 96% of patients enrolled were alive during the time of case study and 40% of patients enrolled were reported to possess achieved stable disease following treatment with VAL-083 like a single agent, as assessed by MRI.
  • Enrollment is ongoing and median survival hasn’t yet been arrived at within the trial.
  • Generally, VAL-083 treatment was well tolerated by patients with observed negative effects (myelosuppression) much like prior clinical experience.

The Organization also provided an introduction to the look another Phase 2 medical trial of VAL-083 for recently diagnosed MGMT-unmethylated GBM patients about this poster. In this trial, that was lately initiated at Sun Yat-Sen College Cancer Center, patients is going to be given VAL-083 plus radiotherapy instead of standard-of-care temozolomide plus radiation right in front-line setting. The trial is made to enroll as much as 30 volunteers with MGMT-unmethylated GBM to find out if VAL-083 treatment improves progression free survival (PFS) over a historic reference control. This trial has been supported though DelMar’s collaboration with Guangxi Wuzhou Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Limited. 

Additionally, DelMar also presented two additional pre-clinical posters throughout the conference: 

  • The Distinct Cytotoxic Mechanism of Dianhydrogalactitol (VAL-083) Overcomes Chemoresistance and offers New Possibilities for Combination Therapy in treating Glioblastoma.

VAL-083 induces potent anti-cancer activity against treatment-resistant cells from glioblastoma, lung, prostate and ovarian tumors via a distinct mechanism of action.  Cancer cells given VAL-083 exhibit persistent DNA double-strand breaks and activation from the homologous DNA repair (HR) system. Activation from the HR product is an indication of VAL-083’s unique anti-tumor activity.

When coupled with topoisomerase or PARP inhibitors, the therapy aftereffect of VAL-083 is elevated inside a synergistic or super-additive manner. Taken together, these data offer the broad potential of VAL-083 like a new treatment against an array of cancers both like a single agent and in conjunction with other established cancer therapies.

  • Dianhydrogalactitol (VAL-083) Overcomes Chemoresistance in Pediatric Malignant Brain Tumors and Displays Synergy with Topoisomerase Inhibitors

Pediatric high-grade glioma (HGG) and medulloblastoma are aggressive childhood brain tumors having a high incidence of recurrence and incredibly couple of patients achieve lengthy-term survival.  VAL-083 demostrates potent activity like a single agent against both chemotherapy-resistant pediatric HGG and medulloblastoma separate from p53 status. DelMar also reported that VAL-083 potentiates radiotherapy and exhibits synergy when in combination with topoisomerase inhibitors, two regimens generally utilized in treating childhood brain tumors. 

“We continue being highly passionate about the potential for VAL-083 like a novel strategy to cancer patients who’ve limited or no treatments,Inch added Mr. Zarrabian. “The superb work done by the world class academic research collaborators and our in-house team presented in the SNO meeting showcases VAL-083’s potential both like a single agent so that as a part of combination therapeutic regimens.” 

DelMar’s poster presentations can be seen within their whole on DelMar’s website at http://world wide

About VAL-083

VAL-083 (dianhydrogalactitol) is really a “first-in-class”, DNA-targeting agent that introduces interstrand DNA mix-links in the N7-position of guanine resulting in DNA double-strand breaks and cancer cell dying. VAL-083 has shown clinical activity against a variety of cancers including GBM and ovarian cancer in historic numerous studies backed through the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI).  DelMar has shown that VAL-083’s anti-tumor activity is unaffected by common mechanisms of chemoresistance in vitro. Further details regarding these studies are available at http://world wide

VAL-083 continues to be granted an orphan drug designation through the U.S. Food and drug administration Office of Orphan Products to treat glioma, medulloblastoma and ovarian cancer, as well as in Europe to treat malignant gliomas.

About DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Corporation.

DelMar Pharmaceuticals is centered on the event and commercialization of recent therapies for cancer patients who’ve limited or no treatments.  By concentrating on understanding tumor biology and mechanisms of treatment resistance, the organization identifies biomarkers to personalize new therapies in indications where people are failing, and have become resistant against modern targeted or biologic treatments.

The Business’s current pipeline relies around VAL-083, a “first-in-class,” small-molecule chemotherapeutic having a novel mechanism of action which has shown clinical activity against a variety of cancers including nervous system, ovarian along with other solid tumors (e.g. NSCLC, bladder cancer, mind & neck) in numerous studies backed through the NCI. Based on DelMar’s internal research programs which prior NCI-backed studies, the organization is performing numerous studies to aid the event and commercialization of VAL-083 across multiple oncology indications to resolve significant unmet medical needs.

VAL-083 may also be studied in 2 collaborator-supported, biomarker driven, Phase 2 numerous studies for MGMT-unmethylated GBM. Overcoming MGMT-mediated resistance represents a substantial unmet medical need in treating GBM.  DelMar also lately announced the allowance of the separate IND for VAL-083 like a potential strategy to platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

More information on DelMar’s numerous studies are available on  https://world wide

For more information, check out or contact DelMar Pharmaceuticals Investor Relations: [email protected] / (604) 629-5989.

Interact with the organization on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.

Safe Harbor Statement

Any statements found in this pr release that don’t describe historic details may constitute forward-searching statements as that term is determined within the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Any forward-searching statements contained herein derive from current expectations, but they are susceptible to numerous risks and uncertainties. The standards that may cause actual future leads to differ materially from current expectations include, but aren’t restricted to, risks and uncertainties concerning the Company’s capability to develop, market then sell products according to its technology the expected benefits and effectiveness from the Company’s products and technology the supply of considerable additional funding for the organization to carry on its operations and also to conduct development and research, studies and future product commercialization and, the business’s business, research, product, regulatory approval, marketing and distribution plans and techniques. These along with other factors are identified and described in greater detail within our filings using the SEC, including, our current reports on Form 8-K.

View original quite happy with multimedia:http://world wide

SOURCE DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Corporation.

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Artprice: le record pour Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci démontre que l’Industrie Muséale ® révolutionne le modèle économique du Marché de l’Art

PARIS, November 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Le consensus d’estimation du prix pour le tableau Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci a été atomisé, à la grande surprise de certains observateurs, choqués et sidérés componen le montant final de l’enchère: 450,3 millions de dollars. En tant qu’Auteur et concepteur de l’Industrie Muséale ® qui révolutionne le modèle économique du Marché de l’Art, Artprice qui peut ¨ºtre au cœur de cette fusion entre le Marché de l’Art et le monde en Finance se doit d’intervenir.

     (Emblem: )

Artprice sollicitée componen de très nombreux médias en sa qualité de Leader mondial de l’information sur le Marché de l’Art, démontre de manière incontestable dans le présent communiqué que le montant de cette adjudication est l’aboutissement d’une construction d’un prix où émotion incontrôlée et risque inconsidéré sont totalement absents.

thierry Ehrmann fondateur et PDG d’Artprice: “Si on relit attentivement chacun de nos communiqués sur le site homologué de l’AMF et nos études sur l’Industrie Muséale ® dont Artprice a entièrement conceptualisé le modèle économique dès 2005, on se rend compte que notre département d’économétrie et statistiques a préparé le Marché de l’Art depuis plusieurs années à ce prix. Nous avions émis pour le Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci une fourchette de 450 à 500 millions de dollars comme le rappelle l’Agence de presse AOF.

Effectivement nous avons été l’ensemble des seuls à déclarer à maintes reprises componen plusieurs études (Document de référence AMF) que le record se dirigeait inexorablement vers le cap du milliard de $ avec united nations palier à 500 millions de $. C’est chose faite avec l’adjudication du Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci.

Nous évoquons cet incroyable prix dès Février 2015. Nous sommes désormais pratiquement à mi-chemin, et il sera inéluctable que notre prévision se vérifie d’ici 2020.” Le Marché de l’Art aura plusieurs gaps à combler de records compris entre L’ensemble des Femmes d’Alger de Pablo Picasso à 179,4 millions de dollars en 2015 et l’ensemble des 450,3 millions de $ du Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci.

L’ensemble des derniers records en Art Contemporain (anciennement le segment de second plan du Marché de l’Art) avec le Basquiat le propulsent dans le nombre croissant d’artistes ayant dépassé le seuil plusieurs 100 millions de dollars aux enchères.

Ils sont de plus en plus nombreux à rejoindre Picasso, Modigliani, Bacon, Giacometti, Munch, Warhol et Basquiat qui peut ¨ºtre united nations contemporain ! Il s’agit pour le Basquiat, en prenant tous l’ensemble des paramètres en compte, d’un véritable marqueur économique pertinent avec une performance que le Marché de l’Art n’avait jamais atteint pour l’Art contemporain qui peut elle-même dépassée cette année sur ce segment.

Ce n’est tout simplement pas pour rien que Christie’s a eu united nations coup de génie en intégrant le Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci dans une vacation d’Art Contemporain au lieu en traditionnelle vente en section Old Masters, où la finance, la Banque et le Marché de l’Art ne faisaient plus qu’un.

Preuve en est, selon l’ensemble des dires du photographe américain qui raconte pour Europe1 « la folle séquence de 19 minutes, atteignant plusieurs sommets encore inimaginables quelques instants auparavant, de l’avis même plusieurs spécialistes. Le tout dans une tension qui rappelle celle plusieurs salles de marché de Wall Street. »

A vrai dire, tout cela est fort logique. De manière très indépendante, Artprice a formalisé et protégé au titre en propriété intellectuelle depuis plusieurs années le concept économique et financier de l’Industrie Muséale®.

Grâce à nos banques de données, l’ensemble des plus exhaustives du Monde, ce qui fait d’Artprice le Leader mondial de l’information du Marché de l’Art depuis 20 ans, en partenariat de longue date avec le puissant groupe étatique Chinois Artron, ce concept novateur de l’industrie muséale engendré componen Artprice est devenu une science économique respectée et enseignée qui chaque jour, se valide de manière irrévocable.

thierry Ehrmann: “Cette nouvelle science économique dans le Marché de l’Art aspire implacablement l’ensemble des prix vers le haut. Premièrement, nous avons très vite observé le caractère exponentiel en création plusieurs Musées dans le Monde. Effectivement selon notre méta étude, il s’est construit plus de Musées entre le 01/01/2000 et le 31/12/2014 que durant tous l’ensemble des XIXème et XXème siècles.

De même il se construit chaque année 700 musées sur l’ensemble des 5 continents à caractères internationaux avec united nations minimum de 4500 œuvres d’Art. Le soft power entre l’ensemble des grandes puissances comme la Chine qui domine désormais l’ensemble des USA sur le Marché de l’Art est united nations moteur géopolitique puissant pour le développement exponentiel de l’industrie muséale®.

C’est donc cette industrie dévoreuse de pièces muséales qui peut ¨ºtre le facteur majeur en croissance spectaculaire du Marché de l’Art. Le Marché de l’Art est désormais mature, liquide et efficient, offrant plusieurs rendements de 12% à 15% componen an pour l’ensemble des œuvres supérieures à

100 000$. Pour une œuvre muséale supérieure à a million de $ on atteint united nations rendement exceptionnel. L’ensemble des œuvres millionnaires sont désormais monnaie courante en ventes publiques.

De nombreux fonds, au même titre qu’un nombre très important de Banques de gestion face au spectre plusieurs taux négatifs plusieurs grandes banques centrales et constatant la résistance du Marché de l’Art face aux pires crises financières et économiques de ces 17 dernières années, ont levé plusieurs fonds colossaux pour devenir plusieurs acteurs économiques de l’Industrie Muséale ® au cœur du Marché de l’Art.

Ces fonds en grande finance et de l’industrie bancaire retrouvent leurs profits habituels dignes de ce nom avec l’assurance d’un Marché de l’Art efficient mature et liquide.  

Componen l’ensemble des outils d’aide à la décision d’Artprice qui sont très proches plusieurs écrans financiers Bloomberg, Artprice distribue plusieurs « Artprice Screen ® »  au monde en finance et en banque. L’ensemble des chiffres sont là : en 2005 moins de 7000 comptes clients en finance et en Banque étaient clients d’Artprice. Il s’agissait essentiellement du Private Banking et Family Office.

Ce sont désormais plus de 36 000 grands comptes incluant l’ensemble des Banques de dépôt ordinaires qui placent l’ensemble des écrans Artprice dans leur système informatique de gestion. On peut donc parler sans contestation possible d’une véritable révolution historique pour le Marché de l’Art.

L’ensemble des projections en cours en vente plusieurs abonnements « Artprice Screen ® »  au monde en finance et en banque sont susceptibles de faire exploser le CA dArtprice. 

L’ensemble des projections en cours en vente plusieurs abonnements « Artprice Screen ® »  au monde en finance et en banque sont susceptibles de faire exploser le CA d’Artprice qui peut ¨ºtre seul sur ce Marché de l’Art financiarisé où il possède componen sa R & D et ses dépôts en propriété intellectuelle united nations monopole parfaitement légal résultant de boy innovation, de sa     recherche et boy développement. Le label étatique BPI d’entreprise innovante le confirme pleinement.  

De même Artprice constate que l’ensemble des grands musées à l’instar plusieurs salles de marchés sur l’ensemble des 5 continents se dotent chacune de dizaine d’écrans (Artprice Screen Multi User), l’ensemble des transformant en opérateurs financiers.

Chaque année Artprice, dans le strict respect plusieurs lois européennes, américaines et droit interne français sur l’ensemble des données personnelles, analyse boy Big Data et ses algorithmes prémices de l’intelligence artificielle. Ce sont donc chaque année plus de 18 milliards de logs, gratuits ou peut-rrtre un  payants (requêtes en temps réel) analysés componen Artprice.

À partir plusieurs années 80, au moment où le Marché de l’Art commence à s’emballer, une série impressionnante de constructions, extensions, rénovations affecte le monde plusieurs musées dans l’ensemble des métropoles et l’ensemble des villes moyennes, mobilisant l’ensemble des architectes l’ensemble des plus réputés.

Parallèlement dès 1990, toute une génération d’industriels désirant imprimer durablement leur présence dans leur pays respectif se sont mis à bâtir united nations nombre incroyable de musées d’art contemporain, notamment en USA, Europe , Proche et Moyen orient et Chine.

L’ensemble des musées sont de plus en plus monumentaux, d’une architecture grandiose et spectaculaire. Le dernier en date, le Musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi réalisé componen le célèbre architecte Jean Nouvel.

Le musée a désormais une vision industrielle de rentabilité, en répondant à cette question: combien faudra-t-il de temps pour united nations retour sur investissement ? Ce qui peut ¨ºtre le propre de l’Industrie Muséale® développée componen Artprice.

A contrario, l’économie du spectacle vivant confirme encore, en 2017, l’article fondateur de Baumol et Bowen qui met en évidence united nations différentiel de productivité touchant l’ensemble des arts, et particulièrement le spectacle vivant. Effectivement, pour jouer une pièce de Molière, il fallait en 1664 deux heures et douze acteurs. En 2017, il faut toujours deux heures et douze comédiens : aucun gain de productivité en plus de trois siècles.

LIndustrie Muséale® se base sur plusieurs données fondamentales 

L’Industrie Muséale® se base sur plusieurs données fondamentales : la mutation du musée où l’on passe d’un concept issu du siècle plusieurs lumières dont l’origine est en France et où la fonction première est la confiscation plusieurs œuvres d’art aux aristocrates et l’Église pour l’ensemble des montrer au peuple componen la volonté de Napoléon Bonaparte. Ce que l’ensemble des Sociologues appellent « la migraine du conservateur » componen united nations parcours et une collection inscrite dans united nations ordre invariable.  En effet, en moins de 30 ans, le musée qui peut ¨ºtre né en Europe et principalement en France au 18ème siècle était réservé à une élite jusqu’en 1980, dans sa première période, le musée échappe à toute logique économique pour se résumer à une mission de conservation sous le regard de l’institution publique.

Ces mêmes institutions publiques, 20 ans plus tard, ont franchiser le Musée du Louvre à Dubaï et le Center Georges Pompidou à Metz. On peut donc vraiment parler de révolution culturelle quand la France, componen ses plus hautes autorités conçoit désormais de franchiser le Louvre au même titre que le Guggenheim.

A l’image plusieurs cathédrales qui se dressaient autrefois vers le ciel, le Guggenheim attire l’ensemble des pèlerins venus contempler cette expression formelle apparemment miraculeuse : united nations monument dont l’évanescence et la géométrie hors du commun contribue à imposer une impression collective de chaos

Désormais depuis l’ensemble des années 80, Peggy Guggenheim, précédée componen le visionnaire André Malraux, a démarré la mutation historique en fonction et en définition du musée.

Pour autant, Artprice démontrera que la maladie spécifique plusieurs musées “la migraine du musée” qui se diagnostique componen united nations parcours immuable et figé en collection du musée dans la période 1850/ 1980 est désormais définitivement guérie componen la “révolution culturelle plusieurs musées”.

La nouvelle conception de ces derniers constitue, plus qu’un vestige d’un capital symbolique, une réponse au temps libre du public en offrant united nations espace où règne désormais l’ensemble des masses médias, le virtuel, l’ensemble des activités culturelles gratifiantes et l’ensemble des collections spectaculaires au cœur d’une expérience spatiale où l’ensemble des visiteurs se comptent, sur chaque continent, en millions.

Artprice sera la première à codifier le terme “d’Industrie Muséale®”. Effectivement, le musée, affranchi de sa contrainte étatique de conservation, doit se concevoir comme une industrie. En règle générale, il faut plusieurs investissements lourds sur une période de 8 à 10 ans pour créer, concevoir, construire et acquérir la collection du musée.

Une fois ces investissements lourds effectués, l’ouverture au public n’est tout simplement pas limitée en nombre comme dans l’ensemble des arts vivants et l’ensemble des charges structurelles se résument principalement à en maintenance, du marketing et en restauration éventuelle en collection. Désormais le musée a la capacité d’intervenir dans le Marché de l’Art comme acteur de référence.

Cette logique commerciale est poussée très loin componen le Musée du Louvre qui commercialise sa marque vers plusieurs pays prospères comme l’ensemble des États-Unis ou peut-rrtre un l’ensemble des pays du Golfe. Mais le mot en fin, de cette présentation de l’Industrie Muséale ® dans le monde en 2017 componen Artprice revient à Malraux dans Le Musée imaginaire, où il s’attache en 1947 à analyser le phénomène muséologique :

« Le rôle plusieurs musées dans notre relation avec l’ensemble des œuvres d’art est si grand, que nous avons peine à penser qu’il n’en existe pas et qu’il en existe chez nous depuis moins de deux siècles. Le XIXe siècle a vécu d’eux, nous en vivons encore et oublions qu’ils ont imposé aux spectateurs une relation toute nouvelle avec l’œuvre d’Art. Ils ont contribué à délivrer de leur fonction l’ensemble des œuvres d’Art qu’ils réunissaient ».

Le Musée imaginaire de Malraux” où une fois de plus, ce visionnaire hors norme avait déjà écrit que: “le musée au 21ème siècle sera le lieu unique de tous l’ensemble des arts où convergeraient toutes l’ensemble des cultures, l’ensemble des générations et l’ensemble des différentes strates sociales”.

C’est à ces questions qu’ont su répondre avec génie l’acheteur et boy pool financier du Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci mais aussi bien sûr l’audace de Christie’s cette semaine, qui vient de prendre united nations avantage spectaculaire face à sa rivale de toujours Sotheby’s. Cette dernière prépare dans l’ensemble des mois qui suivent, selon nos informations de source sûre, une réplique historique pour le Marché de l’Art face à sa rivale de toujours Christie’s qui vient de prendre united nations temps d’avance exceptionnelle dans ce célèbre duopole.

Si ce prix peut paraître démesuré pour certains au premier abord, il faut cependant qu’ils le mettent en perspective avec d’autres chiffres et raisonnement économique tangibles pour comprendre leur erreur d’appréciation.

Cette semaine componen exemple, il s’est échangé 780 millions d’euros à la Bourse sur la seule action Altice.

Autre chiffre parfois avancé, l’équivalence du prix de Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci avec celui d’un Airbus A380. C’est exact, mais combien coûte la maintenance de cet avion tout au lengthy de ses années d’exploitation ? Tout cela avec une durée de vie limitée, pour finir united nations jour dans united nations cimetière d’avions, à l’abandon. Cette comparaison est donc incohérente et profondément injurieuse.

Effectivement, le tableau de Leonardo Da Vinci, lui, est éternel et ne demandera pas united nations budget faramineux pour boy entretien. Il prendra même en valeur au fil plusieurs années. Plusieurs millions de personnes pour le voir apporteront leur contribution à travers la billetterie qui peut ¨ºtre united nations flux financier de cash, l’ensemble des produits dérivés, etc. que ce soit sur le lieu d’exposition habituel ou peut-rrtre un au cours d’une exposition itinérante à travers le Monde, qui peut ¨ºtre une tendance commerciale qui se confirme chaque année united nations peu plus.

C’est ce calcul d’une très grande limpidité qui a été fait componen l’ensemble des investisseurs en amont, avec united nations timing très précis pour parvenir à la rentabilité. Cette acquisition est donc tout, sauf united nations acte irraisonné. C’est au contraire united nations investissement très organisé sur le moyen/lengthy terme, il s’agit au regard plusieurs normes IFRS/IAS d’un actif corporel dégageant united nations free income.

thierry Ehrmann: “La valeur ajoutée d’Artprice c’est de posséder la banque de donnée artistes cotés la plus importante du Monde (700 000), le nombre le plus important de résultats aux enchères, 126 millions depuis plusieurs siècles (de 1700 à nos jours) avec la méthode plusieurs ventes répétées qui permet de calculer une variation de prix, l’ensemble des multiples indices d’Artprice étant ensuite construit sur la base de ces variations individuelles.

Cette méthode vise à éliminer l’impact de l’hétérogénéité, chaque variation de prix étant calculée à partir de multiples transactions portant sur la même œuvre d’art grâce à la traçabilité parfaite d’Artprice sur 3 siècles de Marché de l’Art. Cela permet d’anticiper la construction d’un prix, comme nous l’avons fait pour cette vente historique. Surtout que nous disposons également d’indices spécifiques et d’outils économétriques qui sont autant d’aides à la décision.

C’est cette valeur ajoutée unique au Monde qui fait d’Artprice le Leader mondial, et qui peut ¨ºtre très prisée justement componen l’ensemble des plus grands musées mondiaux pour cibler au mieux leurs futurs achats, et donc affiner au mieux leur modèle économique et la rentabilité attendue de leurs nouvelles acquisitions”.

Le montant atteint componen Salvator Mundi de Leonardo Da Vinci propulse le Marché de l’Art dans une nouvelle ère, en changeant d’échelle la grille de prix en vigueur. En remontant d’autant le niveau du record, il sera inéluctable que le prix atteint jusqu’alors pour de nombreux artistes prestigieux veterans administration remonter d’un cran. Il n’est tout simplement pas impossible de voir sous peu united nations Basquiat à plus de 200 millions de $, tout est possible désormais avec le record de ce 15 Novembre 2017.

En 2018 Artprice auteur et concepteur de l’Industrie Muséale® depuis 1999 met sur internet la plus vaste Banque de données au Monde sur l’ensemble des Musées plusieurs Beaux Arts

Artprice est l’auteur et le concepteur unique de l’Industrie Muséale®. Depuis près de 20 ans Artprice accompagne la mutation de ses clients l’ensemble des Musées plusieurs Beaux-Arts qui représentent united nations de ses cœurs de cible économique. La demande du Musée est essentiellement une migration vers le numérique, l’Internet et l’ensemble des réseaux sociaux.

Artprice dispose d’une trentaine de DNS avec l’ensemble des meilleurs génériques mondiaux depuis 1996 sur l’ensemble des Musées qui génèrent united nations très gros volume d’activité. Il sera bon de rappeler qu’Artprice connaît parfaitement l’univers muséal et boy fonctionnement interne avec boy siège social le célèbre Musée d’Art Contemporain L’Organe gérant La Demeure du Chaos / Abode of Chaos dixit The New You are able to Occasions.

Ce Musée d’art contemporain (3600 reportages en 18 ans) qui a fait largement ses preuves en étant d’une part le 1er Musée français à être inscrit au Registre du Commerce plusieurs Sociétés en 1999 et d’autre part en se classant comme 1er Musée d’Art Contemporain privé en Rhône Alpes Auvergne avec 120 000 visiteurs componen an. (Document de référence Artprice sur le site homologué de l’AMF)

Cette Banque de données componen boy nombre de clients Musées sera en 2018 au cœur en stratégie d’Artprice. Le chiffre d’affaires sur l’Industrie Muséale® est colossal. Artprice possède, componen boy savoir-faire issu du Musée l’Organe boy siège social et sa propre R&D, une gamme de produits et services numériques couvrant tout le spectre plusieurs demandes d’un Musée où qu’il soit dans le Monde en 2018.

Artprice fera bénéficier ses clients Musées présents sur sa Banque de données plusieurs 4,5 millions de membres ultra qualifiés. L’ensemble des nombreux dépôts et brevets au titre en propriété intellectuelle donne à Artprice une position incontestable de Leader mondial sur l’Industrie Muséale® et united nations temps d’avance définitif.

United nations communiqué financier extrêmement précis sera diffusé en information réglementée début Décembre 2017 

http://world wide Copyright thierry Ehrmann 1987/2017

A propos d’Artprice : 

Artprice est cotée sur Eurolist by Euronext Paris, SRD lengthy only et Euroclear : 7478 – Bloomberg : PRC – Reuters : ARTF.

Artprice est le Leader mondial plusieurs banques de données sur la cotation et l’ensemble des indices de l’Art avec plus de 30 millions d’indices et résultats de ventes couvrant plus de 657 000 Artistes. Artprice Images® permet united nations accès illimité au plus grand fonds du Marché de l’Art au monde, bibliothèque constituée de 126 millions d’images ou peut-rrtre un gravures d’œuvres d’Art de 1700 à nos jours commentées componen ses historiens.

Artprice enrichit en permanence ses banques de données en provenance de 6300 Maisons de Ventes et publie en continu l’ensemble des tendances du Marché de l’Art pour l’ensemble des principales agences et 7200 titres de presse dans le monde. Artprice met à la disposition de ses 4,5 millions de membres (people sign in), l’ensemble des annonces déposées componen ses Membres, qui constituent désormais la première Place de Marché Normalisée® mondiale pour acheter et vendre plusieurs œuvres d’Art à prix fixe ou peut-rrtre un aux enchères (enchères réglementées componen l’ensemble des alinéas 2 et 3 de l’article L 321.3 du code du commerce). Artprice labellisée componen le BPI développe boy projet de Blockchain sur le Marché de l’Art.

Le Rapport Annuel Artprice du Marché de l’Art mondial 2016 publié en mars 2017 :

Le rapport du Marché de l’Art Contemporain 2016 d’Artprice est accessible gratuitement à l’adresse:

Communiqué d’ARTE : A la tête en Demeure du Chaos/ Abode of Chaos dixit “The New You are able to Occasions“, thierry Ehrmann, artiste et fondateur d’Artprice dévoile en 9 épisodes l’ensemble des rouages plusieurs plus gros esclandres de l’art contemporain, qui garantissent à coup sûr plusieurs expositions blockbusters

Sommaire plusieurs communiqués d’Artprice : et

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Epigenetics Sell to Grow at 13.5% CAGR to 2022 brought by Oncology Segment

PUNE, India, October 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The worldwide epigenetics market size will achieve $1, million by 2022 from $854. million in 2017 in a CAGR of 13.5% during (2017-2022) propelled through the decreasing sequencing costs and time, rise in research activities to recognize and develop inhibitors/drugs for a number of illnesses, funding for epigenetics research, and rising prevalence of cancer based on RnRMarketResearch.

Browse 191 Market Data Tables and 37 Figures spread through 230 Pages as well as in-depth TOC on “Epigenetics Market by Product (Package, Enzymes, Reagent, NGS, Mass Spectrometer, PCR, Bioinformatics), Application (Oncology, Cardiology, Immunology), Technology (DNA Methylation, Histone Modification), Finish User (Academic, CRO) – Global Forecast to 2022 http://world wide .

The prominent players within the epigenetics market include Illumina (US), Thermo Fisher (US), Diagenode (Belgium), QIAGEN (Netherlands), Merck Millipore (US), Abcam (United kingdom), Active Motif (US), Colonial Biolabs (US), Agilent (US), Zymo Research (US), PerkinElmer (US), and Bio-Rad (US).

The United States taken into account the biggest share from the global epigenetics market in 2016, while Asia Off-shore is forecasted to join up the greatest rate of growth throughout the forecast period. The worldwide epigenetics marketplace is broadly segmented into five land masses, namely, The United States, Europe, Asia Off-shore (APAC), South America, and also the Middle East & Africa. Factors for example growing R&D spending, favorable government initiatives, and rising focus of key market players on enhancing their presence in this area support the development from the epigenetics market within the Asia Off-shore.

Make an Inquiry on Epigenetics Market Global Forecast to 2022 research report at http://world wide .

The oncology segment dominated the worldwide Epigenetics Market, by Application, in 2016. Based on application, the epigenetics marketplace is segmented into oncology, metabolic illnesses, developmental biology, immunology, cardiovascular illnesses, along with other applications (includes neurology, gynecology, and infectious illnesses). In 2016, the oncology segment taken into account the main share from the global epigenetics market. The big share of the segment is related to the increasing prevalence of cancer and also the growing quantity of research-related activities.

Based on finish users, the epigenetics marketplace is segmented into academic and research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and contract research organizations (CROs). The pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies segment is anticipated to join up the greatest CAGR throughout the forecast period, because of growing research within the regions of genomics having a strong concentrate on personalized medicine.

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The breakup of primary participants continues to be pointed out below:

  • By Company Type: Tier 1 – 35%, Tier 2 – 40% and Tier 3 – 25%
  • By Designation: C Level – 33%, Director Level – 41%, Others – 26%
  • By Region: The United States – 35%, Europe – 30%, Asia Off-shore – 21%, and RoW – 14%

The report is aimed at estimating the marketplace size and future growth potential from the epigenetics marketplace for different segments for example product, application, technology, finish user, and region. The report includes an in-depth competitive research into the key players within this market with their company profiles, product choices, recent developments, and market strategies.

Another research entitled Digital PCR and Real-time PCR (qPCR) Market Forecast to 2022 states, the worldwide dPCR and qPCR marketplace is believed to develop in a CAGR of 8.9% from 2017 to 2022, to achieve $5.31 billion by 2022. The dPCR technology segment to develop at faster pace than qPCR technology segment throughout the forecast period. The dPCR instruments segment is anticipated to develop in the greatest CAGR during 2017-2022. Asia-Off-shore to witness the greatest growth throughout the forecast period (2017-2022). Companies for example Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation. (U.S.), Bio-Rad Laboratories Corporation. (U.S.), F. Hoffmann-La Roche Limited. (Europe), QIAGEN N.V. (Netherlands), Takara Bio, Corporation. (U.S.), Agilent Technologies Corporation. (U.S.), bio Mérieux S.A. (France), Fluidigm Corporation (U.S.), Danaher Corporation (U.S.), Abbott Laboratories (U.S.) happen to be profiled within this 215 pages research report offered at http://world wide .

Explore more reports on Biotechnology Market at http://world wide .

About Us: is the single source for those researching the market needs. Our database includes 500,000+ researching the market reports from over 100+ leading global publishers & in-depth researching the market studies well over 5000 micro markets. With comprehensive details about the publishers and also the industries that they publish researching the market reports, we assist you in you buy the car decision by mapping your data needs with this huge assortment of reports.

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SOURCE RnRMarketResearch

ResMed Wins German Patent Violation Situation Introduced by Fisher & Paykel

ResMed’s AirSense 10, AirCurve 10 and Lumis products don’t infringe German utility model patent

MUNICH, March. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ResMed (New york stock exchange: RMD), the earth’s leading tech-driven medical device company and innovator in sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory system care, today announced that the Munich District Court made the decision that ResMed’s AirSense 10, AirCurve 10, Lumis as well as their humidifiers don’t infringe a Fisher & Paykel German utility model (a brief-term patent), DE 20 2013 012 358 U1.

Although ResMed’s products don’t infringe, ResMed continues its challenge from the validity from the German utility model prior to the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO). 

Up to now, no German court finds that ResMed’s products infringe a Fisher & Paykel patent most of the three cases introduced by Fisher & Paykel against ResMed in Germany. By comparison, exactly the same German court concluded in September that Fisher & Paykel’s Simplus, Eson and Eson 2 masks infringe ResMed patents, while remaining the proceedings pending the end result of invalidation proceedings. ResMed has become protecting its very own patents within the European Patent Office.     

“We applaud the German court because of its sensible approach,” stated ResMed global general counsel and chief administrative officer David Pendarvis. “We’re pleased the court found our products don’t infringe, and expect to showing this Fisher & Paykel patent is invalid.” 

This ruling in Germany doesn’t have effect on ResMed and Fisher & Paykel’s patent violation litigation in other jurisdictions.

About ResMed
ResMed (New york stock exchange: RMD) changes lives with award-winning medical devices and cloud-based computer programs that better identify, treat and manage anti snoring, chronic obstructive lung disease (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) along with other chronic illnesses. ResMed is really a world leader in connected care, using more than 3 million patients remotely monitored every single day. Our 6,000-strong team is dedicated to allowing the world’s best tech-driven medical device company – improving quality of existence, lowering the impact of chronic disease, and saving healthcare costs in additional than 120 countries.  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn

View original content:http://world wide–paykel-300535631.html

SOURCE ResMed Corporation.

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Sports Medicine Sell to Grow 7.4% CAGR by 2022

PUNE, India, October 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The worldwide sports medicine market will achieve $8.24 billion by 2022 from $5.78 billion in 2017 in a CAGR of seven.4% during (2017-2022) driven by growing incidences of workplace injuires, continuous increase of recent products and treatment modalities, and development in the area of regenerative medicine, during 2017, The United States accounted largest share from the stated market adopted by Europe, APAC and RoW based on RnRMarketResearch.

Browse 103 Market Data Tables and 32 Figures spread through 169 Pages as well as in-depth TOC on “Sports Medicine Market by Product (Implants, Arthroscopy, Prosthetic, Orthobiologics, Braces, Compression Clothing, Therapy (Thermal, Ultrasound), Bandages & Tapes), Application (Knee, Shoulder, Elbow) – Global Forecast to 2022 http://world wide .

The important thing players within the global sports medicine market are Arthrex, (US), Cruz & Nephew (United kingdom), DePuy Synthes (US), Stryker (US), CONMED (US), Zimmer Biomet (US), Breg (US), DJO Global (US), Mueller Sports (US), Wright Medical Group (US), Medtronic (Ireland), RTI Surgical (US), and gratifaction Health Worldwide (US).

According to application, the sports medicine marketplace is segmented into shoulder injuries, feet and ankle injuries, elbow and wrist injuries, back and spine injuries, hip and groin injuries, knee injuries, along with other injuries (mind, face, and finger injuries). The elbow and wrist injuries segment is anticipated grow in the greatest CAGR throughout the forecast period. This growth could be related to the growing quantity of injuries in sports like rowing, racket sports, and golf, where there’s a repetitive overuse of elbow and wrists.

Make an Inquiry on Sports Medicine Market – Global Forecast to 2022 research report at http://world wide .

Based on product, the sports medicine marketplace is segmented into body renovation products, body support & recovery products and accessories. In 2017, your body renovation products segment is anticipated to take into account the biggest business. The big share of the segment can mainly be related to the wide use of implants and arthroscopy devices by sports medicine surgeons and memory foam surgeons for sports-related injuries. Your body renovation products segment is further segmented into implants, fracture & ligament repair devices, arthroscopy devices, prosthetics, and orthobiologics.

Asia Off-shore is anticipated to witness the greatest sports medicine market growth during 2017 to 2022. The increase of worldwide players, government initiatives to advertise sports medicine, and collaborations for sports medicine research would be the important aspects accountable for the development of the market within the APAC region.

Inquire for Discount on Sports Medicine Market – Global Forecast to 2022 research report at http://world wide .

The report analyzes the sports medicine market and is aimed at estimating market size and future growth potential of the market according to various segments for example product, application, and region. In 2017, the fracture & ligament repair devices segment is anticipated to take into account the biggest business. Our prime incidence of fractures and ligament tears in sports is anticipated they are driving the marketplace for fracture and ligament repair devices. The orthobiologics segment is anticipated to join up the greatest CAGR throughout the forecast period. The current developments in regenerative medicine, allografts, and stem cell therapy to deal with damaged bones are anticipated they are driving the development from the orthobiologics market.

Break of primary participants was as pointed out below:

  • By Company Type: Tier 1-55%, Tier 2-25% and Tier 3-20%
  • By Designation: C-level-43%, Director Level-32%, Others-25%
  • By Region: The United States-38%, Europe-23%, Asia Off-shore-29%, RoW-10%

Another research entitled Orthobiologics Market Global Forecast to 2022 states, the worldwide orthobiologics marketplace is forecasted to achieve $6.06 billion by 2022 from $4.66 billion in 2017, in a CAGR of 5.4%. The PRP segment is anticipated to develop in the greatest rate throughout the forecast period. The spine fusion segment is anticipated to develop in the greatest CAGR. Hospitals, memory foam clinics, and ambulatory care centres are anticipated is the fastest-growing segment. Asia Off-shore is anticipated to join up the greatest rate of growth within the orthobiologics market. Companies for example DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, Stryker, Zimmer Biomet, Harvest Technologies, Globus Medical happen to be profiled within this 159 pages research report available athttp://world wide arthritis-spine-fusion-soft-tissue-finish-user-hospitals-as-st-to-2022-market-report.html .

Explore more reports on Medical Devices Market athttp://world wide .

About Us: is the single source for those researching the market needs. Our database includes 500,000+ researching the market reports from over 100+ leading global publishers & in-depth researching the market studies well over 5000 micro markets. With comprehensive details about the publishers and also the industries that they publish researching the market reports, we assist you in you buy the car decision by mapping your data needs with this huge assortment of reports.

Hrishikesh Patwardhan
2nd Floor, Metropole Building,
Alongside Inox Theatre,
Bund Garden Road, Pune – 411001.
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