Interview with Marten Cruz of Microchip Technology Corporation.’s Medical Products Group

Microchip Technology Corporation. is really a provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, and analog semiconductors that can offer low-risk product at lower total system costs along with a faster time for you to marketplace for a large number of diverse applications. Individuals within the electrical engineering world are extremely acquainted with their PIC microcontrollers, digital signal controllers, along with other microprocessors. However, within the medtech prototyping world, understanding that Microchip includes a special group focused on medical solutions might be less frequent.

Microchip cultivates a top-notch number of Medical Design Partner Specialists, featuring its engineering companies all over the world that offer product and style services to Microchip customers. A number of these design partners are Food and drug administration registered and licensed in quality management standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, common certifications which are needed for delivery of medical devices to make sure that their safety for their intended purpose, were correctly manufactured, which hardware and software designs for medical devices stick to strict rules.

Medgadget had an opportunity to meet up with some people from the Microchip Medical Products Group following the annual Microchip MASTERs conference, coupled with an chance to interview Marten Cruz, the company Development Manager from the Medical Products Group.

Alice Ferng, Medgadget: Just when was the Medical Products Group team put together and why?

Marten Cruz, Microchip Technology Corporation.: The Medical Products Group was initially put together in 2006 to pay attention to the requirements of medical clients. Microchip is well-recognized for their good support, so we wanted to provide great customer care to medical customers making Food and drug administration Class 1, 2, and three devices, so we’ve been carrying this out for 11 years. A part of achieving the aim of covering all of the bases with customers is creating reference designs. These designs help people thinking about making medical devices to obtain began and to have their designs to promote considerably faster. The overall idea of these reference designs would be that the customers can download the schematics, the code and also the application notes. We lend these demos to the sales pressure and also to select distributors to ensure that customers can make use of the demos for his or her initial prototype designs.

Medgadget: How were the particular reference design demos you presently have were selected to become developed? Exist fields of drugs you’re creating demos for or are intending to target? Are you able to also outline a number of Microchip’s choices associated with these applications?

Mr. Cruz: We target medical customers of any size and also have been very effective within the medical device market. The greatest regions of demand and want are areas for example remote patient monitoring and drug delivery, which we’re feeling play perfectly into our current demos. These demos show applications that measure vital signs, deliver  medication or result in the medical device an IoT device. This assists you to connect the medical device to some smartphone and finally up to and including cloud server.

Healthcare is presently trending, having a growing focus on homecare and personalized medicine, along with the transition of consumer fitness to medical markets. Security therefore is another major problem. Microchip supplies security devices, offers advanced medical device level security and authentication solutions because well. Using the growing interest in devices that meet extreme low power needs, Microchip offers eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) technology PIC® microcontrollers. Furthermore, we provide innovative, safe, and user-friendly low-power touch and input sensing solutions for example products for touch, sliders, closeness, haptics, 3D tracking, and gesture control.

Medgadget: Are you able to give a few examples of medical applications Microchip has labored on in the last decade?

Mr. Cruz: A fast list includes implanted devices (e.g., cardioverter defibrillators, pacemakers, cardiac monitors, gastric bands, neural stimulators), home-use devices (e.g., activity monitors, bloodstream glucose meters, oxygen concentrators, pregnancy testers,  iontophoresis drug delivery, CPAP, cholesterol testers, digital thermometers), portable devices (e.g., electrocardiograph systems, ambulatory EKG recorders, sphygmomanometers, insulin pumps, muscle stimulators, assistive hearing devices, ambulatory electromyographs), along with other devices (e.g., oxygen sensors, automated cell counters, hospital inventory control interfaces, Ultra violet polymerization activators, hospital bed control, operating room tables, light-based surgical instrumentation, endoscopes, dialysis systems).

Medgadget: How competitive is Microchip along with other semiconductor companies within the medical space?

Mr. Cruz: Microchip is among the couple of semiconductor companies that has ongoing to provide focused support for medical clients in excess of 10 years. We provide both commercial and tech support team to medical clients. Furthermore, we stock parts for Food and drug administration Class 3 and EU Class 3 & 4 medical devices. Many people don’t want to find yourself in offering semiconductor parts to those customers, so you want to continue supporting these customers since there exists a lengthy history of doing this already.

Related: The Microchip Medical Products Group very well be at CES 2018 in Vegas the following month. Their booth is going to be found at South Hall 2, #MP 26070. Since conferences are usually by appointment, if you’re interested, you are able to achieve to [email protected] to setup a gathering.

Here’s a relevant video of the example device Microchip offers:

Link: Microchip’s Medical and Fitness Applications Design Center…

GO2SLEEP Wearable Sleep Tracker Able to Discovering Anti Snoring

A brand new start-up known as SLEEPON has lately launched their crowdfunding campaign for his or her first product, GO2SLEEP, “the world’s tiniest anti snoring recognition ring.” Anti snoring is really a condition where a person’s breathing is interrupted while asleep, and this may lead to excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, and morning headaches. Not treated, anti snoring increases the chance of numerous serious health problems, including high bloodstream pressure, irregular heartbeat, and stroke. Anti snoring affects around 25 million Americans, however, many more and more people likely remain undiagnosed. Given extremely high figures, discovering anti snoring is becoming a place of curiosity for a lot of companies, including Fitbit and Apple.

GO2SLEEP is really a ring made from waterproof medical silicone, coming in at only six grams, the user slips on the finger before you go to bed after which will take off and places around the charging pier upon getting out of bed. Of note, battery existence is all about 72 hours without charging. This guitar rock band is available in three various sizes and is made to ensure comfort and reduce sleep disruption. While worn, the unit utilizes numerous sensors, together with a 3-axis accelerometer along with a pulse oximeters, to capture the user’s movement, heartbeat, bloodstream oxygenation level, and perfusion index. Many of these are essential measurements to acquire when tracking sleep quality and seeking to recognize anti snoring, as bloodstream oxygenation levels drop and heartbeat increases whenever a person temporarily stops breathing during sleep.

GO2SLEEP is really a Bluetooth enabled device that continuously captures and stores this data as the user is sleeping. A man-made intelligence formula is required to interpret the information and supply the consumer with daily and weekly sleep reports through the free SleepON Application or e-mail.

GO2SLEEP isn’t Food and drug administration approved for use like a diagnostic test for anti snoring. Users still need talk to their healthcare providers to achieve a definitive conclusion. Also, since GO2SLEEP cannot directly measure air flow or respiratory system effort, it’s not able to distinguish between your primary two kinds of anti snoring, obstructive versus central. SLEEPON sees that GO2SLEEP won’t have the truth of the full-scale sleep study performed inside a sleep laboratory (polysomnography). However, the organization proposes that GO2SLEEP can screen for anti snoring with comparable precision to another bulkier, more costly anti snoring home monitoring devices currently available, for example WatchPAT.

For those who usual to signs and signs and symptoms an indication of anti snoring, GO2SLEEP can be a helpful option that gives an appropriate and cost-effective method to monitor one’s sleep and screen with this condition. GO2SLEEP is presently costing $99 during its Indiegogo campaign and it is likely to start shipping in May of 2018.

Indiegogo campaign: GO2SLEEP: AI powered device for restful sleep

Link: SleepON…

Bloodstream draw startup Drawbridge Health enters proper collaboration with wellness business

Drawbridge Health bloodstream testing device

Drawbridge Health, a GE Ventures spinoff that created a device to attract bloodstream without discomfort and chemically stabilizes it for transport, has decided to a proper collaboration with Thorne Research, a overall health business that promises to use Drawbridge Health’s technology to aid its personalized wellness programs.

It marks the very first partnership since Drawbridge’s launch recently. The organization is preparing for numerous studies with the aim of securing  510(k) clearance in the U.S. Fda for that device.

Drawbridge created a handheld device that’s put on top of the arm. Two buttons are pressed, pricking your skin, establishing a couple of drops of bloodstream that flow in to the device’s chamber and onto a strip of paper, which functions to stabilize the bloodstream. The paper eliminates the requirement for refrigeration and extends the sample’s shelf existence.

Thorne Research developed bloodstream biomarker tests. It uses the outcomes and analytical software to assist develop personalized plans for customers’ diet, exercise and supplements they ought to take. Its subsidiary WellnessFX developed an application to assist consumers schedule bloodstream, genetic and microbiome testing which help them comprehend the data through phone consultations with doctors to look at biomarkers that measure cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal and dietary health problems.

Included in the deal, Thorne Research can get exclusive legal rights to distribute and commercialize future Drawbridge Health products inside the U.S. overall health industry. As a swap, Thorne Research invested millions in Drawbridge Health insurance and Thorne Research Chief executive officer Paul Jacobson will join the board of company directors for Drawbridge, this news release noted.

Wellness is among the groups Drawbridge Health Chief executive officer Lee McCracken identified for his business within an interview recently.

“There’s a fascinating subset from the market: niche diagnostics, firms that are addressing reproductive health, chronic disease management, dna testing, wellness,” stated McCracken. “They’re already running samples, searching for any better experience that’s simpler for any patient or consumer of diagnostics.”

MedCity ENGAGE, October 23-24 in North Park, concentrates on the most recent strategies and innovations to boost patient engagement, care delivery and company wellness. Use code MCNTAG in order to save $50.

Slip in hospital safety rating score spurs doctor to file a lawsuit Leapfrog Group

For 2 years, Saint Anthony Hospital here has celebrated its top-rated “A” grade in the national Leapfrog Group that evaluates hospital safety records. However this fall, when executives opened up a preview of the score, they were given an unwelcome surprise: a “C.”

Hospitals place their ratings seriously, despite hospital industry experts’ skepticism regarding their scientific methodology and studies showing that scores might not have an enormous affect on patient behavior. Inside a highly competitive market, nobody wants to become a “C”-rated safety hospital any greater than a “C”-rated restaurant for cleanliness.

So, a healthcare facility didn’t take its new grade sitting lower. It sued the ratings group for attorney, alleging the grade took it’s origin from data that Leapfrog understood to become inaccurate.


“If Leapfrog publishes a ‘C’ grade for Saint Anthony included in its Fall 2017 Hospital Survey Grades, it’ll erase many years of enhancements in the hospital and irreparably degrade the general public thought of a healthcare facility,” based on the complaint, that was filed within the Circuit Court of Prepare County, Ill. “Saint Anthony competes along with other hospitals within the immediate area, including one lower the road, and probably the most important ways Saint Anthony lately has had the ability to distinguish is our prime safety grades it receives from Leapfrog.”

Inside a response filed towards the court on Tuesday, Leapfrog known as Saint Anthony’s suit an “eleventh hour gambit to show back the time on the disappointing safety grade located in part around the data that [a healthcare facility] itself provided and licensed, and which Leapfrog simply utilized in compliance using its lengthy-established processes.”

Leapfrog is among numerous organizations, including U.S. News and World Report, Healthgrades and Consumer Reports, that score hospitals according to whether or not they meet certain quality measures. Located in Washington, D.C., Leapfrog’s scores are a mix of 27 measures of quality from government data as well as an independent survey to judge such things as infections, deaths among surgical patients and just how well doctors communicate.

About 50 % of hospitals take part in Leapfrog’s survey others are evaluated based only on openly available data. Leapfrog’s mission would be to help hospitals improve in weak areas and also to give patients helpful information.

Hospitals are quick to tout a’s and b’s on advertising and banners.

Saint Anthony’s complaint seems is the very first time a medical facility has sued a rating agency more than a contested grade. However in a period when hospitals are brands and people are customers wishing to create rational purchases for care, such grades and rating systems will probably face more scrutiny and new pushback.

“In highly competitive markets, hospitals will probably see poor grades like a challenge, and i believe most be enticed to file a lawsuit the rating agencies,” stated Ashish Jha, a professor in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Jha, who had been on the committee that helped set standards when Leapfrog started, stated he was heartened that hospitals are reacting to data, regardless of the impetus. “If they’re likely to use that as motivation to obtain better, that’s perfect,” he stated. “As someone, you do not care why a medical facility is purchasing safety, you simply care that they’re.”

It’s unclear how much grades influence patient decisions. A Pew Research Center survey from 2012, for instance, discovered that only 14 % of online users consulted online rankings or reviews of hospitals or medical facilities.

But Saint Anthony hospital executives insist Leapfrog’s score comes with an enormous impact on their main point here. “We have experienced, for much better or worse, that individuals are having to pay a lot of attention — not just our patients but additionally our stakeholders, vendors and politicians,” said Dr. Eden Takhsh, the hospital’s chief quality officer. Such scores also have influenced them to pay attention to improving certain quality metrics, for example rates of sepsis and central line infections.

Leapfrog’s scores are plastered across every newspaper around, he stated. According to their past “A” grades, Takhsh stated, Saint Anthony continues to be contacted by the College of Chicago and Northwestern, two much bigger teaching hospitals in Chicago, to create partnerships in pediatrics and neurology. Both hospitals provided to send their physicians to Saint Anthony to supply subspecialty care, which may supply the small community hospital with increased patients and prestige.

A “C” grade could threaten individuals partnerships. “These organizations shouldn’t work with someone with poor since it hurts them,” stated Takhsh.

Dr. Karl Bilimoria, a professor at Northwestern College in Chicago, stated it’s unclear whether ratings should have a lot influence. “These ratings systems are overall of low quality,” he stated. “Most of these use data which are generated for billing, so they’re not particularly accurate.”

Major ratings systems “frequently conflict,” simply because they use different criteria, he stated: “A hospital could be rated best on one of these and become rated poorly on another.” Saint Anthony, for instance, was rated three from five stars on Medicare’s Hospital Compare website throughout the same period it received an “A” from Leapfrog. A healthcare facility wasn’t incorporated in U.S. News and World Report’s top 22 hospitals in Chicago.

Hospitals can pick to market the rating which makes them look best. Patients might be astounded by a hospital’s “Top Hospital” banner but never begin to see the lower scores.

Some ratings groups charge for that display. Leapfrog charges $5,500-$17,600 for any hospital to make use of its emblem in advertising, with respect to the hospital’s size. Others, for example U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Hospitals” program, also levies a charge, but Consumer Reports doesn’t.

The ratings systems differ broadly about how they compile their scores, and a few tend to be more centered on the caliber of care than the others. “Leapfrog is the greatest and also the only openly reported rating focused solely on safety. It had been produced by top experts and uses the most effective openly available data,” stated Leapfrog Chief executive officer and President Leah Binder. “Our comments are scrupulous.”

Saint Anthony’s suit relies upon the issue of methods its physicians order medications, which Saint Anthony believes was the main reason behind their lower grade. The grade was wrong, a healthcare facility claims, since it is according to an inaccurate assessment that physicians prescribed medications digitally only 50 to 74 percent of times. Saint Anthony maintains that it is physicians actually prescribe digitally 95 % of times. A healthcare facility contacted Leapfrog several occasions to repair the mistake but Leapfrog declined, based on the suit.

Leapfrog contends that Saint Anthony didn’t contact it inside the appropriate bi weekly period of time, based on Leapfrog’s defense document.

Leapfrog has removed Saint Anthony’s grade for the time being, and can likely repost it pending further analysis, noting the electronic ordering issue was unlikely to completely explain the “C” grade.  “There’s clearly some inadequate and sloppy reporting out of this hospital,” stated Binder.

Dr. Karen Joynt Maddox, a helper professor in the Washington College Med school in St. Louis, stated the dispute underlines the weaknesses from the ratings information open to patients. “This whole field is much behind where it must be,” especially because of the proliferation of “consumer-driven” high-deductible plans, she stated, adding: “there’s vacuum pressure when it comes to consumer-friendly information.”

Kaiser Health News is a nonprofit news service covering health problems. It’s an editorially independent program from the Kaiser Family Foundation that isn’t associated with Kaiser Permanente.

Photo: Mykola Velychko, Getty Images

Allscripts Chief executive officer Paul Black on interoperability, provider burnout and much more

data, conceptual, information

Since 2012, Paul Black has offered as Chief executive officer of Chicago-based Electronic health record company Allscripts. He formerly stayed working at Cerner, where he held the COO position, and IBM, where he required on various leadership roles.

Inside a recent phone interview, Black discussed numerous very hot topics in healthcare — including interoperability, artificial intelligence and provider burnout — and just what Allscripts can be.

This exchange continues to be gently edited.


You lately penned your blog publish about why the Veterans administration should concentrate on interoperability. Would you discuss the publish, in addition to what Allscripts does around the interoperability front?

When we move back and check out where healthcare is incorporated in the U.S. circa 2018, you’ll spot the infrastructure today is nearly completely wired. That begets the issue: How do I recieve data in one Electronic health record to a different one?

I take into account that to become a high-class problem. There are answers which are available today, and Allscripts continues to be purchasing one since 2009.

Around the Veterans administration, we’ve had lots of conversations with individuals folks. We’re relatively up to date on which the needs take presctiption that. Exactly what the Veterans administration is about isn’t just the substitute of emr, but additionally connecting with other source systems that sit outdoors the ecosystem. Getting the totality from the veteran’s record is essential.

So how exactly does the drive toward healthcare consumerism affect a technology company like Allscripts?

We’ve used the customer moniker for any lengthy time period. If our vision will be a wide open, connected community of health, additionally, it includes a component where we’re speaking concerning the consumer.

Our method of consumers begins with our FollowMyHealth platform. It doesn’t require the consumer is mounted on an Allscripts EMR. In the finish during the day, I own the data about myself and will be able to grant accept to who examines my record, the way our consumer platform operates.

AI is really a hot subject in healthcare at this time. How’s Allscripts involved in the device learning space?

Allscripts provides extensive data that people look at and evaluate. There are several 40 million lives we have deidentified within our data constructs today that provide us insight and also the capacity to complete research. We’ve people whose work on we are dedicated to insights that emerge from studying that data.

Should you consider the way your experience when you are shopping works, the 3rd or 4th time you shop on the site, it’ll begin suggesting products. There isn’t any reason exactly the same kind of learning can’t be relevant to what sort of doctor practices. Equally around the financial side, you can see patterns of consumption according to the position of the clinic and also the patient.

What exactly are your ideas on provider burnout? How’s Allscripts trying to promote provider wellness?

Another reality of everybody now utilizing a product is that you have many people who’ve in the past not used at all computers prior to being exposed to numerous clinical, financial and quality metrics.

Because the Significant Use needs came lower, sometimes that [data entry] burden has fallen around the caregiver, and particularly the doctor. There is a term known as “pajama models,” where they’re finishing the work they do after hrs.

All EMRs make some contribution for this effect. Therefore, so what can we all do to assist several experienced humans whose time is efficacious?

The device learning I spoken 1 minute ago — that sort of useful computerization could be advantageous to those people. The 2nd factor is: What is the method for us to possess less keyboard needs? Are you able to move toward a keyboardless visit? There’s value the automation will bring these to help augment the patient’s experience of the concern setting.

What else does Allscripts have coming lower the pipeline?

2017 is a great year for Allscripts. Because of the job that’s been happening the final 5 years, we have seen in the finish of 2017 a obvious separation of Allscripts, Cerner and Epic [from all of those other pack]. There’s lots of focus on our clients’ part to continue to possess belief that we’re the best supplier to utilize with an ongoing basis.

Photo: MATJAZ SLANIC, Getty Images

Natural Grocers forecasts the very best 10 Diet Trends in 2018

DENVER, 12 ,. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Natural Grocers, America’s Diet Education ExpertSM, drawn on their diet experts, category managers and much more to recognize the expected breakout trends in diet and health in 2018.

The writer, Jon Clinthorne, PhD, Natural Grocers’ Manager of Scientific Matters and Diet Education breaks lower why you will see these trends gain ground in 2012. Interviews with Dr. Clinthorne can be found upon request.

  1. Bovine collagen is within.
    Can there be anything bovine collagen can’t do? The recognition and choice of nutrient-dense and “superfood” bovine collagen is growing in the last year, and even for good reason. Bovine collagen supplements are wealthy causes of two proteins which are essential for health, although not typically present in high concentrations in modern diets. One of these simple proteins, proline, continues to be proven to become crucial for joint health insurance and likewise helps support smooth and supple skin (yes, please!) by strengthening the bovine collagen that keeps the skin we have firm.i Glycine, another major amino acidity in bovine collagen supplements, continues to be proven to modulate inflammation within the digestive system, take part in detoxing and liver health, as well as helps support healthy, restful sleep. ii iiiiv
  2. Everyday detox diets.
    Rather of attempting unhealthy fasts and juice diets for detoxing, consumers care more about what foods they are able to eat that can help facilitate your body’s natural detox processes. While labels allow it to be simpler to prevent foods with GMO (genetically modified microorganisms) ingredients, there still is not a typical label for everyday toxins. Volatile organic compounds are available in our food, consuming water, air as well as the soil. We advise searching for foods which contain lots of sulfur along with other detoxing supportive minerals and vitamins for example vitamins E and c, selenium and zinc. Try these detox recipes to leap about this trend. 
  3. Organic is what you want.
    Americans continue to be unclear about what’s best – the USDA Organic label or even the Non-GMO Project Verified label. But hands lower, the USDA Organic label wins. Why? Besides a “Certified Organic” label imply that a product is of course GMO-free, additionally, it implies that the contents are 95 % or even more organic, free of fabric dyes, grown without using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers and should not be processed using industrial solvents, or irradiation.v Additionally, research has shown organically produced meals are greater in nutrients minimizing in chemical toxins. As increasing numbers of people realize how synthetic pesticides and diet impact their own health, they’re searching for additional nutritious, greater quality and healthier food. The USDA Organic label helps to ensure that the meals you select meets the greatest standards possible, and also the research being released on organic agriculture also signifies organics be more effective for that atmosphere, human health insurance and the economy. mire
  4. Pasture-elevated is raising the bar.
    Healthy land management starts with correctly handling the creatures with that land. Rotating creatures through pasturelands can dramatically improve the healthiness of the soil, trapping co2 within the soil (where it belongs), helping with bloating and reducing erosion. Being an additional advantage, getting creatures on pasture also leads to animal items that tend to be more nutrient dense.vii Opt for grass-given beef and dairy, and pasture-elevated eggs as well as poultry to participate the movement.
  5. Black seed oil.
    Black seed oil (also known as Nigella sativa, black coriander oil, or just black oil) is extremely famous various traditional systems of drugs, like Ayurveda. The seed and it is oil possess a surprising quantity of research showing their effectiveness in a variety of health problems.viii Studies suggest black seed oil helps insulin function as well as keeps the insulin-producing pancreas working in a healthy level. Other research has shown that by modulating inflammation, thymoquinone (the ingredient of black seed oil) assists in building healthy and strong bones.ix x xi
  6. Keto diets.
    Shortened from ketogenic diets, “keto” diets are earning their mark around the diet world. It is common to consider the body (and most importantly, the mind) relies exclusively on glucose and essential fatty acids for energy. However, there’s another kind of fuel produced from essential fatty acids, referred to as ketones—which are specifically essential for neuroprotection and possess been proven to aid thinking processes and cognition.xii  Studies have shown that medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are often changed into ketones through the liver, meaning foods which contain coconut oil, palm oil, cheese and butter could all lead to ketone production within the body—and why interest in these components is high. Diets, such as the keto diet, which are full of fat and occasional in carb also lead to enhanced ketone production.
  7. Traditional medicinal practises meets modern science.
    Whether you are studying the health advantages of garlic clove or trying a turmeric latte, reference the standard medicinal purposes of plants. Are you aware that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Arabs all used aroma therapy like a medicinal tool? And today, modern scientific studies are exploring using essential oils and aroma therapy for relaxation along with other facets of mental health. The resurgence in recognition of herbal medicine and merchandise is probably associated with hard science that exists which supports the standard purposes of these valuable plants.
  8. Consuming vinegars.
    Much like kombucha, consuming vinegars really are a trendy new option to sugar-laden sodas and juices. Many of these are created with apple cider vinegar treatment – what we should describe as any adverse health powerhouse – along with other health-promoting things that make sure they are a tasty, tangy and classy method to balance bloodstream sugar. Research printed within the Diabetes Care journal shown that consuming vinegar at bed time can really support healthy bloodstream sugar levels whenever you awaken, so this is an excellent publish-dinner beverage.xiii Vinegar will also help facilitate the absorption of minerals and vitamins from food in addition to assist you to feel full longer.xiv
  9. Sneaking in vegetables.
    Americans have a problem eating enough vegetables, and lots of people acknowledge this issue and seriously wish to improve their vegetable consumption. The fashionable solution? Sneaking antioxidant-wealthy vegetables to your food whenever you can. Swap out typical noodles for organic veggie noodles, eat real veggie chips and add frozen cauliflower or vegetables powders for your smoothies.
  10. Botanicals to improve thinking processes.
    Botanicals, for example epigallocatechin from eco-friendly tea for enhancing thinking processes, are gaining more appreciation. More formulas designed for clearness and mood are turning up available on the market, and the best new botanicals for brain health include herbs and mushrooms. Search for formulas that contains ashwaganda, lions mane, reishi, gotu kola, turmeric and holy tulsi to be able to take advantage of the most recent research.

Download the pictures for every trend.

Satisfy the author
Natural Grocers’ Manager of Scientific Matters and Diet Education, Jonathan F. Clinthorne, PhD, is definitely an ultra-endurance athlete been trained in immunology and expert in human diet. Clinthorne has offered on numerous medical advisory boards and it has authored numerous research papers covering topics for example probiotics, immune function, inflammation and human diet.

About Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Corporation. (New york stock exchange: NGVC is really a quickly expanding niche store of natural and organic groceries, body care and nutritional supplements. The organization provides a flexible, neighborhood-store format, reasonable prices and free, science-based diet teaching programs to assist customers make informed health insurance and diet choices. Founded in Colorado in 1955, Natural Grocers has greater than 3,000 employees and operates 141 stores in 19 states.

i Van Vivan JP, Luijsterburg PA, Verhan AP, van Osch GJ, Kloppenburg M, Bierma-Zeinstra SM. Symptomatic and chondroprotective treatment with bovine collagen derivatives in osteo arthritis: an organized review. Osteo arthritis Cartilage. 2012 20(8): 809-821

ii Zhong Z, Wheeler MD, Li X, et al. L-Glycine: a singular anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and cytoprotective agent. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2003 6:229-240

iii Ito K, Ozasa H, Noda Y, et al. Aftereffect of non-essential amino acidity glycine administration around the regeneration of partly hepatectomized rats with hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injuries. Clin Nutr. 200827(5):773-80.

iv Brooks PL, Peever JH. Glycinergic and Gamma aminobutyric acid(A)-mediated inhibition of somatic motorneurons doesn’t mediate rapid eye movement sleep motor atonia. J Neurosci. 200828(14):3535-45.

vhttps://world wide


vii Chail A, et al. Legume finishing provides beef with positive human nutritional essential fatty acid ratios and consumer preference comparable with grain-finished beef. J Anim Sci. 2016 94(5):2184-97

viii Gholamnezhad Z, Havakhah S, Boskabada MH. Preclinical and clinical results of Nigella sativa and it is constituent, thymoquinone: An Evaluation. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016 190:372-86

ix Shuid AN, et al. Nigella sativa: A Possible Antiosteoporotic Agent. Evid Based Complement Alternat Mediterranean. 2012 2012():696230.

x Ibrahim FM, et al. Biochemical portrayal, anti-inflammatory qualities and ulcerogenic traits of some cold-pressed oils in experimental creatures. Pharm Biol. 2017 Dec55(1):740-748

xii Sharma A, Bemis M, Desilets AR. Role of Medium Chain Triglycerides (Axona®) in treating Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s. Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2014 Aug29(5):409-14.

xiii White-colored AM, Johnston CS. Vinegar ingestion at bed time moderates waking glucose concentrations in grown-ups with well-controlled diabetes type 2. Diabetes Care. 200730(11):2814-5. Epub 2007.

xiv Ostman E, Granfeldt Y, Persson L, Bjorck I. Vinegar supplementation lowers glucose and insulin responses and increases satiety following a bread meal in healthy subjects. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2005 Sep59(9):983-8.

View original quite happy with multimedia:http://world wide

SOURCE Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Corporation.

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My Diabetes Coach Named Runner-Up at Novo Nordisk’s 2017 HITLAB World Cup of Voice-Activated Technology in Diabetes

Captured, Medgadget spoken with Timon LeDain from Macadamian, an application development and design firm, about My Diabetes Coach, a collection of technologies for pediatric diabetes management being coded in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario – Ottawa Children’s Treatment Center (CHEO – OCTC). My Diabetes Coach was recognized a week ago because the Runner From Novo Nordisk‘s 2017 HITLAB World Cup of Voice-Activated Technology in Diabetes. Around the recognition, LeDain commented that, “Receiving this award is validation towards the enormous potential this solution needs to make an effect on youth struggling with diabetes type 2.Inches During discussion in the event, My Diabetes Coach received attention for being able to facilitate secure, peer-to-peer mentorship. Since Medgadget spoken with LeDain, a patent continues to be filed by Macadamian that covers the substitute intelligence-aided aspects of the woking platform.

Addressing an industry of the believed 208,000 patients more youthful than twenty years coping with diagnosed diabetes, My Diabetes Coach is really a combination voice-enabled and connected health solution built on Macadamian’s Hive software platform. An Alexa skill engages the consumer to supply accurate, empathetic, personalized feedback and suggestions. Someone portal integrated having a Bluetooth glucometer along with other wearables permit important data capture they are driving patient-specific support in addition to gamification. Though numerous adult diabetes management solutions exist today, Macadamian’s strategy with My Diabetes Coach would be to leverage an evident gap in solutions created for more youthful patients.

A yearly competition, the HITLAB World Cup chose this season to narrow its scope and concentrate on voice-enabled solutions addressing the requirements of Type 2 diabetics. After reviewing a job candidate pool of 146 submissions from 15 countries, five finalists were selected to provide to industry leaders from Google, Novo Nordisk, and HITLAB included in the HITLAB Innovators Summit. Solution impact, innovation, sustainability, and practicality counseled me considered within the knowing criteria. All finalists received cash prizes varying from $2,000 to $50,000. This season, My Diabetes Coach was acknowledged as a finalist alongside:

  • (Competition Champion) Lighthouse, operated by the American Diabetes AssociationA credit card applicatoin to show physician instructions into action and progress.
  • Palette: A good placemat that precisely tracks a patient’s meal diet and shares these details having a physician to assist precisely identify and evaluate the patient’s health.
  • Proof: A blockchain-powered system to instantly track diabetics and issue bitcoin for effective adherence.
  • T2D2: In-the-moment personalized diet assistance and support for diabetes self management.

Flashback: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Macadamian Partner to build up Voice-Enabled Solution for Pediatric Patients with Diabetes Type 2 (Interview)…

Link: HITLAB World Cup…

NeuroPace launches new RNS Tablet

Printed 04 December 2017

NeuroPace, a Plastic Valley-based medical technology company that developed closed-loop brain-responsive neurostimulation system for epilepsy, has launched new RNS Tablet, a cutting-edge method for clinicians to examine their patients’ electrocorticographic (ECoG) data and personalize therapy.

Named is going to be displayed and readily available for use during hands-on workshops in the American Epilepsy Society’s (AES) Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. from December 1-5 at booth 1101.

“Since its beginning, the RNS System provides physicians unparalleled use of details about their patients’ brain activity,” stated NeuroPace Chief executive officer Frank Fischer.

 “The RNS Tablet provides faster use of these details using the data presented in formats which are easily understandable and actionable by physicians. As an effect, physicians can optimize patient therapy more proficiently.Inches

The RNS Tablet was created together with clinicians to supply a simpler, smarter, and faster consumer experience. Product enhancements allow clinicians to examine and evaluate data more rapidly, garner a much deeper knowledge of their patients’ brain activity, while increasing clinical workflow efficiency.

“Having use of patient data inside a centralized, easy-to-use interface is invaluable when monitoring patient progress and personalizing therapy,” states Dr. Vikram Rao, Epileptologist at UCSF Clinic.

Named, which boasts an intuitive touchscreen and color interface that instantly connects to the web, also features:

Simpler: A built-in, wireless platform that mixes the standard NeuroPace Programmer an internet-based Patient Data Management System (PDMS) right into a singular interface.

Smarter: An interactive, customizable visual histogram that displays trends in neurostimulator and ECoG data to allow significant insights.

Faster: Various upgrades that decrease the amount of clicks required to program, including the opportunity to copy stimulation settings to any or all five treatments with a single click.

The RNS Product is the world’s first and just closed-loop brain-responsive neurostimulation system made to prevent epileptic seizures in their source. The RNS System treats seizures by continuously monitoring brain waves, discovering unusual activity, and instantly responding with imperceptible electrical pulses before seizures occur.

Physicians can program the recognition and stimulation parameters from the implanted RNS neurostimulator to personalize therapy for everybody. The RNS® Product is an adjunctive therapy for adults with refractory, partial onset seizures with a maximum of 2 epileptogenic foci.

Source: Company Pr Release

Health Wizz leverages blockchain technology to provide patients control of their data


Health Wizz is taking advantage of the growing blockchain trend.

The organization lately unveiled its platform, which enables customers to aggregate and share their personal health information.

The Falls Church, Virginia-based startup also took part in the Pitch Perfect contest at MedCity Participate in October.


Inside a recent interview, Chief executive officer Raj Sharma pointed to some couple of key explanations why Health Wizz made the decision to make use of blockchain technology to power the woking platform.

The first is the problem of security. “We as consumers have finished having faith in institutions with this data,” he stated. “For us, it had been really key that even if our consumers use our application, it normally won’t need to trust us. They need to trust blockchain.”

Furthermore, Sharma noted the startup wanted to produce a marketplace of health data where pharmaceutical companies, research organizations yet others can talk to consumers. Blockchain was a good way to create these connections happen and permit groups to liaise even if it normally won’t trust one another.

Health Wizz’s platform works as a result: Patients can observe and download their data from hospitals, their doctor yet others. Furthermore, specific organizations may use cryptocurrency to incentivize patients to lead their own health data for research. This currency comes by means of OmCoin, an electronic Ethereum token from Health Wizz. These tokens function as digital access keys, allowing users to switch information.

North Park-based MintHealth is yet another player on the market is leveraging blockchain similarly. Their lately revealed self-sovereign personal health record utilizes we’ve got the technology. Patients have access to MintHealth online or using a mobile application. Every individual includes a global identifier that enables these to access their information and oversee permissions into it. There’s also payer-funded digital incentive tokens known as vidamints, which patients receive once they take part in healthy behaviors. They may then make use of the tokens to assist purchase healthcare-related costs.

Sharma stated that although Health Wizz and MintHealth both use blockchain, the businesses will vary.

“We are utilizing an open Ethereum blockchain,” he stated. “We don’t really put data around the blockchain itself. We put keys around the blockchain. [The data] ranges from the participant towards the medical trial. It’s a really different approach meaning that … many others are speaking about putting data around the blockchain.”

Searching ahead, Sharma listed three key areas the startup intends to pay attention to.

First, Health Wizz really wants to make its tools simple to use and for that reason appealing to consumers. The 2nd step, which the organization has began, is normalizing the information so others have access to it. Finally, in regards to a year lower the street, the startup is fine with having 4 or 5 pharma or medical trial companies getting together with its consumers.

“If a couple of hundred finish users may take place in numerous studies, that might be really what we should would call success,” Sharma stated.

Photo: nonchai, Getty Images

Apple Heart Study Launches: Anybody with Apple Watch Can Participate

Apple has now formally launched its formerly announced Apple Heart Study using the discharge of the center Study application. Together with Stanford College, the Apple Heart Study aims to find out if the Apple Watch can precisely identify arrhythmias using its heartbeat tracking technology and inform users of possible atrial fibrillation.

Unlike the defacto standard electrocardiogram (ECG), which measures the electrical activity inside your heart, Apple and many other consumer wearable companies use Brought lights flashing countless occasions per second and lightweight-sensitive photodiodes to identify the quantity of bloodstream flowing with the wrist being an indicator from the heart’s activity. This process, while better to use, continues to be typically considered less accurate than ECG sensors, so the opportunity to identify life-threatening arrhythmias will be a significant step for that all around health wearables market.

To notice, nowadays there are products available on the market that offer accurate, Food and drug administration approved atrial fibrillation recognition and 1-lead ECG recording.

Users who’re 22 years or older and own an Apple Watch series 1 or newer can download the application, that will periodically collect heartbeat and rhythm samples during the day, for the way active the consumer is. If the irregular heart rhythm is identified, participants is going to be alerted and will also be offered a totally free phone or FaceTime consultation having a study physician as well as get an ECG patch to put on for further monitoring.

Click the link to download the application and join the Apple Heart Study…

Pr release from Apple: Apple Heart Study launches to recognize irregular heart rhythms…

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