Quanterix to produce assays for multiplex biomarker recognition

Printed 16 August 2017

Quanterix announced that it’ll be expanding its single molecule array or Simoa technology platform portfolio to incorporate the brand new Quanterix SR-Plex benchtop instrument.

In the same manner the fully automated HD-1 Analyzer offers recognition and measurement of biomarkers with unparalleled sensitivity, the SR-Plex uses single molecule measurements to evaluate formerly undetectable proteins and may considerably reduce sample volume needs in comparison with alternative approaches, all inside a benchtop format that may be easily integrated with existing automation platforms.

The very first unveiling from the SR-Plex may happen today at generation x Dx Summit in Washington, D.C.

“We are approaching an intersection from the digital health revolution and existence science research. From high-throughput studies with this HD-1 Analyzer to the opportunity of bloodstream-based, point-of-care tools, the unrivaled sensitivity from the Simoa technology helps pharma, academia along with other research labs consider the most significant biological information in existence,” stated Kevin Hrusovsky, Executive Chairman and Ceo at Quanterix.

“In accessory for a smaller sized instrument footprint, the SR-Plex continues to be enhanced for elevated multiplexing abilities, which makes it a user friendly and economical choice for high-sensitivity biomarker analysis, whether proteins or nucleic acids.”

The SR-Plex will participate an entire solution together with a menu in excess of 70 ultra-sensitive protein recognition assays, in addition to a new number of multiplex assays for critical biomarkers, such as the first six-plex Simoa assay for quantitative measurement of elusive inflammatory biomarkers within the bloodstream.

“We are particularly excited the SR-Plex can result in advances in the use of circulating biomarkers, specifically for cancer recognition and treatment. Despite recent innovations in genomic and proteomic technologies, there’s been little advancement in immunological biomarker tests,” ongoing Hrusovsky.

“Simoa’s multiplexing abilities and digital sensitivity provides, the very first time, the opportunity to measure circulating clinically relevant concentrations of immunological mediators, exosomes and miRNA in one benchtop instrument.”

Greater than 145 studies while using Simoa technology happen to be printed in peer-reviewed journals. These studies spans several therapeutic areas for example oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation and infectious disease and it has proven that Simoa can identify biomarkers within the subclinical condition, that is valuable for that monitoring of neurodegeneration in illnesses like Alzheimer’s and ms.

Myriad RBM, Corporation., the world’s leading multiplexed immunoassay testing laboratory, will start while using SR-Plex included in an earlier-access program: “We’ve formerly labored using the HD-1 Analyzer and also have been consistently impressed using the versatility from the Simoa technology and also the depth this approach provides.

“It enables us to identify biomarkers we couldn’t formerly see along with other approaches. Now, like a benchtop instrument that provides multiplexing abilities, we are able to optimize our in-house laboratory robotics and liquid handlers to achieve significant economies of scale, including sample upkeep and throughput, which will help with this main point here costs,” stated Rob McDade, Ph.D., President at Myriad.

The SR-Plex benchtop instrument is going to be displayed the very first time at generation x Dx Summit in Washington, D.C., August 15-17, 2017. On August 15 at 1:00 p.m. ET, Kevin Hrusovsky may lead a lunch presentation entitled “Convergence of Next-gen Digital Health insurance and Biomarker Technologies is Enabling a change to Asymptomatic Medicine and Precision Health”.

Mr. Hrusovsky may also join leaders from bioMérieux and Novarum to sign up inside a keynote Technology Panel on August 16 at 12:15 p.m. ET entitled “Disruptive Technologies in Lab Medicine”.

Quanterix will initiate an earlier-access program for that SR-Plex starting in Q4 2017 and expects full accessibility to the merchandise in Q1 2018. The SR-Plex is perfect for research only use and never to be used in diagnostic procedures.

Source: Company Pr Release

Paper Test for Zika Operated by Gold Nanoparticles

Zika is frequently a silent ailment that may not display any signs and symptoms in infected persons, making screening particularly significant. Within the third world, mobile testing systems that may be easily transported and used aren’t available, so delivering an example to some lab continues to be needed to identify Zika infected individuals. Researchers at Washington College in St. Louis might have develop a highly effective, simple to use Zika test that may survive hot and damp environments and that may be administered just by about anybody.

It depends on embedding small squares of paper with gold nanoparticles which have a protein connected with Zika mounted on them. This protein reacts with immunoglobulins that exist in patients transporting Zika. To ensure that the protein to outlive contact with the atmosphere, it’s securely encapsulated in the very that’s washed away if this meets water within a small amount of bloodstream.

Though gold can be used, the quantity is small, so the price of the exam remains low. Before it might be obtainable in Zika-stricken areas around the globe, it’ll have to endure a trial bigger compared to initial one which had only four Zika-infected participants.

Study in journal Advanced Biosystems: Rapid, Point-of-Care, Paper-Based Plasmonic Biosensor for Zika Virus Diagnosis…

Via: Washington College in St. Louis…


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Happify Health raises $9M to grow behavior health research business

Sad face depression

Happify Health, an electronic health business within the subsector of behavioral health, has elevated a brand new round of capital following a launch of the business to business business design last fall and unveil of the research unit, Happify Labs.

TT Capital Partners, based in Minneapolis, brought the $9 million round for that New You are able to-based company with participation from Marketplace Fund II and Hillsides Capital among other previous investors, based on a news release. The funding is going to be employed for behavior health research and product development.

Area of the goal for Happify Labs ended up being to enable the organization to get together with academic researchers to conduct numerous studies on behavior health interventions involving positive psychology and neuroscience. Researchers would get access to data from Happify users. The unit works together with commercial partners to enhance use of affordable and easily available emotional health insurance and well-being solutions. Ambitions for that new unit include addressing resilience, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, chronic discomfort and mood disorders on-demand.

Happify’s customers include health plans, employers and care delivery systems.

This past year, Happify elevated $5 million to aid its growth and add staff. Marketplace Fund II and Hillsides Capital brought the Series B round, which coincided using the launch of Happify Health.

Lyra Health, another digital health business within the behavior health arena, created a partnership with Welkin Health, based on an emailed news release. The offer gives Lyra’s customers use of Welkin’s situation management tool to streamline workflows. It consolidates email, text, and make contact with communications between patient and health care providers to produce personalized prompts, health assessments, and care intends to improve interactions together.

Photo: phototechno, Getty Images

Emergency Bloodstream Drive- Backed by Mostyn Law

HOUSTON, August. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Mostyn Law and Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Center for hosting a bloodstream drive in Houston, Texas. The Mostyn Law family members have had 3 people that needed bloodstream products previously 24 months. That’s the reason Mostyn Law is partnering with Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Center of Texas to exhibit its appreciation.

Bloodstream supplies are running low. Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Center’s inventory is forecasted to fall 5% lacking hospital needs in August. That’s the reason the bloodstream center arrived at to Mostyn Law and requested it host a bloodstream drive.

Mostyn Law clarified the phone call. Rather of just one bus, it dedicated to 2! You will see 40 donation time slots. Mostyn Law employees will fill over fifty percent of individuals. Now, Mostyn Law is asking its West Alabama neighbors and buddies to participate this effort. “Commit for Existence” which help Mostyn Law and Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Center meet their goal!

The wedding and all sorts of locations for Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Centers have the freedom and available to the general public (by appointment)

Each donor will get a totally free pint of Blue Bell frozen treats from Gulf Coast.  

WHEN: Wednesday, August 16, 2017
9:00 a.m.— 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mostyn Law Firm 
3810 W Alabama St, Houston, Texas 77027

Two coaches from Gulf Coast Regional Bloodstream Center will be prepared for contributors within the parking area area

Sandra Perez
Event Coordinator 
Mostyn Law Practice
[email protected]

Katie Nippress
Donor Recruitment Coordinator
Toll-Free: 1-888-482-5663
Fax: 713-791-7774
world wide web.GiveBlood.org

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MPA’s plays a role in an improvement in using medicines for kids

Friday, October 23, 2015

Children possess a to effective and safe utilization of well-documented medicines. Attempts are made both on worldwide and national levels to improve the introduction of medicines for kids, however these changes take some time. This Year the MPA was assigned a government commission as part of the nation’s Pharmaceutical Strategy, “Expand the understanding of paediatric medicines as well as their use”.

Earlier the introduction of medicines for kids continues to be inadequate and kids have therefore been given medicines that haven’t been produced for children. Medical professionals have pointed to understanding gaps and potential issues of safety by using medicines not adapted to children. To mitigate these problems, initiatives are ongoing worldwide and also on the nation’s level to stimulate development and research of medicines for kids. These changes take some time.

Through the years the MPA has conducted a number of inventories of paediatric utilization of medicines in places that more understanding is needed or where issues of safety happen to be identified.
The MPA has close collaboration with representatives in the paediatric healthcare and it has arranged several conferences with representatives from various areas to recognize therapeutic areas with inadequate evidence.   

To create treatment guidelines for that selected areas the MPA has arranged expert conferences to compile existing evidence and finest practice. Focus continues to be provided to areas that the representatives from the paediatric healthcare system have prioritized and areas connected keeping the vehicle safe problems. Throughout the this past year guidelines to treat Sleep Disturbances in youngsters and Control over RSV Infections happen to be printed.

Because alterations in the use of adapted medicines for kids needs time to work, children’s special needs will stay in the future.  And so the MPA views this government commission to become a lengthy term dedication to create positive alterations in using medicines for kids.


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Xavant safeguards Food and drug administration nod for non-invasive discomfort relief neuromodulation device

MDBR Staff Author Printed 02 August 2017

Xavant Technologies have guaranteed approval in the US Fda (Food and drug administration) because of its Stimpod NMS460 non-invasive neuromodulation device to deal with chronic intractable discomfort.

Stimpod NMS460, which utilizes a patented hybrid pulsed rf (PRF) waveform, provides symptomatic relief and control over chronic intractable discomfort.

The neuromodulation device likewise helps with adjunctive treatment with regards to control over publish-traumatic acute discomfort problems, publish-surgical discomfort and functions as adjunct for controlling discomfort brought on by rehabilitation.

Stimpod NMS460 is anticipated to positively modify the medical industry because of its non-invasive nature and non-drug solution getting zero negative effects. Additionally, it provides fast action in supplying discomfort relief, all at a small fraction of the price incurred on comparable treatments, mentioned Xavant Technology.

Stimpod NMS460 transcutaneously applies its PRF waveform towards the affected region which forms electromagnetic effects. These effects according to Xavant Technology are nearly just like invasive pulsed rf treatments.

The neuromodulation device maker states that various situation research has shown instant and rapid relief of chronic intractable discomfort using Stimpod NMS460 that also incorporates the nerve-locating technology.

According to Xavant Technology, the nerve-locating technology comprises a nerve mapping probe that can help practitioners in discovering nerves and measure the treatment progress of affected nerves.

Xavant Technology Chief executive officer Corlius Birkill stated: “This groundbreaking technology is able to help tens otherwise vast sums of individuals just within the U.S. like a valuable treatment asset for neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, physiatrists, and medical discomfort practitioners.”

Xavant Technologies have selected Bell Medical because the master distributor from the Stimpod NMS460 neuromodulation devices for that US and Canada.

Image: Xavant Technology’s Stimpod NMS460. Photo: thanks to PRNewswire/ Xavant Technology (Pty) Limited.

Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Sleep Collection

NEW You are able to, August. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ongoing its 169-year good reputation for providing the Best, the only real, and also the Unpredicted, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces an accumulation of products made to enhance a person’s slumber.

“The caliber of an individual’s sleep could affect their own health, levels of energy, and disposition,” described Hammacher Schlemmer’s Gm Nick DiMarco. “We’re consistently exploring new avenues and innovations to enhance sleep quality.”

The Sleep Enhancing Pillows offer the neck which help promote a much better night’s sleep using patented technology proven to improve bloodstream flow. The pillows’ cotton fibers are intertwined with strands of Celliant, a thermo-reactive mineral matrix that converts released body heat into therapeutic infrared light that’s reabsorbed into the skin. Enhanced bloodstream flow—in accessory for helping regulate body temperature—has been a dependable way of decades to combat the chronic aches, inflammation, and sweating that may impact a night’s rest.

Those who struggle to go to sleep because of busy minds might find relief using the Sleep Enhancing Headband. It creates a number of self-modifying rhythmic binaural beats that lightly calm the brain’s activity level which help lull someone to sleep. While sleeping, the unit monitors brainwave activity using conductive fabric sensors and adjusts its rhythmic beats to assist one conserve a deep sleep status. A totally free application provides sleep-monitoring feedback.

To learn more about these items, please contact Trish Hammond at (847) 581-8987 or via e-mail at [email protected].

About Hammacher Schlemmer
Hammacher Schlemmer is America’s longest running catalog, providing the Best, the only real and also the Unpredicted since 1848. The organization provides unique items that solve problems or represent the only person of the kind, and backs its products with a rather famous Lifetime Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction. Hammacher Schlemmer’s innovative choices can be found through its catalog, online at world wide web.hammacher.com, and also at its landmark store on East 57th Street in New You are able to City.

View original content:http://world wide web.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hammacher-schlemmer-introduces-the-sleep-collection-300504559.html

SOURCE Hammacher Schlemmer

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LimFlow’s study of percutaneous deep vein arterialization system meets safety endpoints

Printed 02 August 2017

Private, venture-backed medical device firm LimFlow announced publication of good results in the pilot study from the LimFlow Percutaneous Deep Vein Arterialization System (pDVA) within the This summer publication of the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.

The paper is titled “Midterm Outcomes from the Pilot Study of Percutaneous Deep Vein Arterialization to treat No-Option Critical Limb Ischemia.” The LimFlow Product is a singular, purely percutaneous device to treat finish-stage critical limb ischemia (CLI) when other revascularization efforts happen to be exhausted.

The authors conclude that, “pDVA is definitely an innovative method for treating no-option CLI to represent an alternate choice for the ‘desert feet,’ potentially staying away from major amputation. Our results demonstrate its safety and practicality, with promising early clinical leads to this small cohort.”

The mark, open-label, single-arm pilot study was brought by primary investigator Steven Kum, MD, of Changi General Hospital, Singapore, and encompassed seven no-option CLI patients by having an average chronilogical age of 85. All patients had diabetes and were Rutherford Class five to six, with 86 percent (6 of seven) also considered Wireless (Wound Ischemia feet Infection) “high risk.”

All primary safety endpoints were met in 100 % of patients, without any deaths, above-the-ankle amputations or major reinterventions at thirty days. All patients shown symptomatic improvement with formation of granulation tissue, resolution of sleep discomfort, or both. The technical rate of success was 100 %.

At six several weeks, 86 percent of patients (6 of seven) had prevented major amputation, and also at 12 several weeks 71 percent of patients (5 of seven) tried so. Complete wound healing was achieved in 57 percent of patients (4 of seven) at six several weeks as well as in 71 percent of patients (5 of seven) at 12 several weeks. The median healing there was a time 4.6 several weeks.

Perfusion – or bloodstream circulation through tissues within the feet – rose dramatically within the LimFlow patients, from 8 mmHG pre-procedure to 59 mmHG (p=.080) during the time of healing.

The authors commented that, “The immediate angiographic appearance was dramatic. One patient who’d prior lumbar sympathectomy and it was on high doses of opioids for chronic discomfort were built with a dramatic resolution of her discomfort within 48 hrs and it was opioid free.”

There have been two cases of myocardial infarction within thirty days, each with minor clinical effects. Three patients died of causes unrelated towards the procedure or device at six, seven, and eight several weeks, correspondingly.

“It is our pursuit to lessen the incidence of amputation, resolve discomfort and promote wound healing inside a formerly hopeless patient population and we’re very encouraged through the early promising outcomes of the LimFlow System,” stated LimFlow Ceo Dan Rose. “The high technical rate of success also shows that our novel idea of percutaneous and minimally-invasive bypass underneath the knee is definitely an achievable and reproducible technique. We expect towards the is a result of our U.S. practicality study, that is presently enrolling, and our worldwide publish-market, multi-center study outdoors from the U.S. to validate these early findings.”

The LimFlow System is made to restore perfusion towards the ischemic feet, which might relieve rest discomfort, promote chronic wound healing, reduce major amputations and restore mobility for patients when included in a multi-disciplinary team approach. It uses proprietary ultrasound-led catheters and covered nitinol stents to distinctively bypass diseased arterial blood vessels and divert bloodstream flow in to the tibial vein to vascularize the ischemic feet.

Source: Company Pr Release

Handheld Device Along with Tissue Clearing to Evaluate Biopsy Samples

A group of researchers at UCLA might have think of a way in which will introduce tissue biopsy analysis to places where medical systems presently can’t afford conventional pathology lab equipment. We’ve got the technology relies on Clarity, a means of removing fat along with other materials from tissue samples while leaving proteins and DNA behind, and also on fairly cheap holographic imaging. They also trusted light-absorbing dyes that stay effective for any lengthy time, allowing the sample to become imaged a while after performing the Clearness cleansing. It makes sense a good way to do Clearness along with a smartphone-sized microscopy device that may peer with the sample which help to locate abnormalities.

The prototype microscopy device, which utilizes a ten-megapixel sensor and operated by algorithms that generate 3D images in the data, required merely a couple of $ 100 to construct. Manufacturing it’ll make it a great deal cheaper, obviously.

They could create 3D scans of tissues as thick as 200-μm, that is a purchase of magnitude thicker than the usual typical slice of the biopsy sample.

Study in Science Advances: 3D imaging of optically removed tissue utilizing a simplified Clearness method as well as on-nick microscopy…

Via: UCLA…


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Alphabet snaps up smartphone-enabled screening tool developer

Google parent company, Alphabet, has clicked up digital health startup Senosis Health — a San antonio-based company that converts smartphones into screening tools, based on Geek Wire. The business was cofounded and brought by Shwetak Patel, Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor of information technology and engineering at College of Washington.

Senosis is promoting apps that harness smartphone technology including sensors and camera components for various screening tools. Its apps include SpiroSmart and SpiroCall, HemaApp and OsteoApp – were under review through the Fda captured, Geek Wire noted.

Shwetak was a part of a group of scientists at College of Washington who developed an application to assist identify bilirubin in newborns. Bilicam  — a compound that can result in jaundice, known as Bilicam.

Although Verily may be the healthcare and existence science arm of Alphabet, Senosis Health staff weren’t focusing on the Verily team, Geek Wire reported, and it is not obvious what a part of Alphabet they’ll squeeze into.

Stenosis Health insurance and Google didn’t immediately react to demands for discuss the the deal.

Within an interview with Geek Wire a few several weeks ago, Patel stated the concept behind the apps isn’t just to lessen the reliance on pricey medtech but additionally to allow these tests to become portable. That’s an objective many have espoused with the introduction of smartphones as diagnostic aids.

He described one application, SpiroSmart, like a portable test to evaluate breathing which harnesses a smartphone’s microphone along with other sensors. It may be used for those who have cystic fibrosis along with other respiratory system conditions to assist them to track data with time. Theoretically, the apps could be employed to supplement care in low resource communities.

Patel noted within the interview that the organization have been dealing with the balance and Melinda Gates Foundation along with other organizations.

Photo: maxsattana, Getty Images