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Medical Exports is an online resource for cheap no prescription drugs from foreign online pharmacies. Typically these pharmacies are located in Canada, Mexico and Australia. Some are less than reputable and some have gone out of business in a few years.  However there are still many places where you acquire medications that are safe and cost much less.

What you will find is that brand name prescriptions are better priced from a foreign online pharmacy while generic drugs are lower in price when you buy in the United States. With Medical Exports .com you can shop for the best prescription prices and buy prescription drugs online in complete confidence!

Benefits to buying prescription drugs from an online pharmacy

    Drug Prices are Cheaper – In foreign countries medications are cheaper than in the United States and online pharmacies have lower overhead costs to deal with.
    More Generics – Outside the United States there are fewer restrictions on drug patents and you can usually find a generic counterpart for a brand name drug.
    Convenience – Online shopping is perfect for those always on-the-go, living in a remote or rural area, or find it physically challenging getting to your local pharmacy. You can purchase almost any Medication and it will ship via major carrier discretely to your door.
    Licensed Pharmacies – All of the pharmacies are licensed and rated and reviewed to ensure your safety, quality is excellent, your deliveries are fast and that all your financial transactions are secure. FDA Policy – For personal use, don’t order any controlled substances and order a 90 day supply only.

Purchasing prescriptions and refills online can save you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars over time. Order popular prescription drugs online such as Viagra, Celebrex, Cipro, Clomid, Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Protonix, Singulair, Tamiflu, Actos, Glucophage, Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Xenical, Zoloft and many, many more.

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Here at Medical Exports .com you get the best selection and you buy prescription drugs online that are both cheap and safe.

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